How can your data inform marketing strategies? How can it make your company more money? How can it save your company more money? That’s where we come in.

The industry is headed toward empowering marketers to take ownership of their data. As a Google Certified Partner, Portent is committed to taking our clients to the forefront of analytics. It’s time to stop relying on BI teams, database administrators and IT to provide you actionable marketing insights. What a lot of companies are still getting wrong is that good analytics starts with a business objective, not a metric. We know analytics is more than reports. It’s a discipline that obtains good data and extracts next actions from that data. Portent lives and breathes analytics every day with our clients. When you hire us, you get analytics services that enact real change for your business. Ready to guide better business decisions with data?

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We take disparate data from online and offline data sources and turn them into an understandable and actionable story. Portent can integrate CRM data, call-tracking data, and ad network data with analysis tools like Google Data Studio or Tableau. But we don’t leave you with a dashboard. We also provide real insight into your business and opportunities.

All of these services are great, but we want to set you up to succeed far into the future. Portent also offers analytics trainings customized to your data that can be recorded as learning modules for new hires as you grow. These trainings can cover broad introductions to analytics concepts or specific how-tos about measurement strategies for a particular marketing discipline.

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Your Business Needs Analytics
Every one of our engagements at Portent starts with an analytics checkup. This goes for enterprises, mid-size startups, nonprofits, and small businesses alike. Regardless of your marketing budget, reliable data is your right and your products and services demand it.

Sharing vital 10,000-foot-view insights with the C-suite and empowering marketing specialists to do their work better is our aim. We’re also about connecting teams that tend to work in silos with their data and encouraging them to share across their organizations. The truth is: Your customers don’t shop in a silo, so you shouldn’t keep your data in one.

Itching to begin a deep-dive analysis? We are too.

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