We don’t want to be just your agency—we want to be a valued partner. RankFrog’s expertise and flexibility allows us to provide services to a wide spectrum of clients, spanning from companies with strong in-house teams who need of a second set of eyes to clients who trust our experienced team for their ongoing PPC management. Whether you’re well-seasoned in the art of PPC or an absolute novice, we offer a solution that will work well for your individual needs. Your competitive advantages, business objectives, pain points, and other differentiators dictate our customized paid advertising approach.

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Proven PPC Strategy

The beauty and challenge of paid search is that an abundance of options are available. Using the right combination of ad platforms and methods is necessary when you want your ads to be seen by your target customers. We get it—every business and organization has its own set of values and growth goals, even in crowded markets. We thrive on selecting paid search avenues that will help you reach your potential.


Your strategic goals drive our pay-per-click approach. We build PPC strategies that help you meet & exceed your key performance indicators.


For many of our clients, incorporating a combination of all three of these pillars of PPC is the right strategic choice, but far from the only possibility. Other ad types, like video or paid social (think ads on Facebook), might hold potential for a favorable return for your company. Ongoing adjustments based on deep experience and ever-changing data allow us to determine what’s working and what isn’t. It lets us continuously increase returns and lower your costs over time.


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Why Your Business Needs PPC?

In today’s cluttered world of information, your particular audience and type of organization demands a different paid advertising approach from your neighbor’s. Our clients span from travel to ecommerce to cloud-based storage solutions and everything in between. The experience we’ve gained in a multitude of industries gives us the confidence to implement detailed paid search strategies no matter what the industry of a given client may be.

We have diverse experience, but knowledge of a select industry is not a requirement for success. By using lessons from clients in similar verticals and our collective decades of paid search experience (we’re elder states-people by this young industry’s standards) we hit the ground running with our engagements. After understanding your growth goals, we craft a custom approach based on a your needs.