All you need to know about SEO Footprints in 2020

SEO Footprints - Here's all you need to know!

If you are into SEO then it is important to know all the terms related to it and one such underrated term is SEO Footprints which not many SEO experts are not aware of. So if you are curious to know about the same then you are in the right place as we have covered the important details like what are SEO Footprints, how to avoid them, type of footprints and are they still relevant or not.

What are SEO Footprints?

Before getting into the science of SEO footprints it is first important to know what are SEO footprints.

SEO Footprints are the definite signs of manipulating search engines that can be used by Google or other search engines to tear apart your network. Hence it is very important to play safe when performing SEO and avoid using footprints.

How SEO Footprints are created?

While there are many signs of SEO Footprints which are accessible to search engines but here are some of the important indicators that tell search engines about the SEO manipulations.

  1. You are using the same themes on various sites that you own
  2. You have the same link footer on every site
  3. Using the same anchor text again and again on all the sites
  4. All the links on your website are coming from the same places
  5. All your sites are hosted on the same server
  6. All sites have open WHOIS

In case if you are wondering how to find the SEO Footprints of your competitors then you can follow these steps to check the footprints.

  • Firstly go to or any other search engine
  • Linkdomain: –  
  • Find backlinks for the given word
  • Link domain: “ Keyword “-site:
  • Then find the backlinks from the footprinted software
  • Link domain : + site:com
  • Then find backlinks from .info with keywords

So you can use either of the above methods that can be used to track and locate the SEO Footprints of your competitors.

How To Avoid Footprints

It is important to avoid leaving footprints for search engines to safeguard yourself from any penalties. Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid leaving SEO footprints.

1. Change the browsers frequently

One of the biggest blunders that we all do is using the same browser over time. Adhering to one browser and making different sites using the same one is obviously a sign of SEO footprint so always use other browsers. 

As there are a number of browsers available on the internet like Firefox, Opera, Safari or some anonymous browsers like Tor.

In case if you want to know about the information that browsers can see about you then you use more advanced browsers.

2. Avoid using Gmails for creating accounts

As we all know that privacy is becoming more and more transparent on Gmail and now it traces and report all the illegal activities to the authorities. 

It is advisable to use Cpanel personal domain email for added security as unlike Gmail the content is not scanned 24/7 and it is always better to use some precautions in advance rather than getting penalised later on.

3. Stop using Google Account for everything

Many people commit the mistake of using the same Google account for everything. We have seen many people mixing up the client’s account with the personal accounts which are blatantly not a good practice.

Moreover do not forget to remove old websites from Google Search Console and Google Webmaster.

If you are using some tools for experimenting and testing purposes then always create the new accounts and do not mess with the older ones.

4.  Domain Names and Domain Registrar

In case if you do not know Google is a registrar and all the data regarding your Domain is stored om Google. Not only this but anyone can see the Domain data using whois data.

If your aim is to build a private blogging network without letting the search engines know then registering all the domains under one name is a very risky thing. Hence it is advisable to use the 3rd party or proxy to avoid leaving the footprints for the sake of SEO. Suppose if you are registering one domain on Godaddy then use another platform like Namecheap for registering another domain.

5. Use other alternatives for Google Analytics

Do not connect to only one Google Analytics account for all the information rather use some third party analytics tools like Jetpack and others which are easily compatible with WordPress but make sure to use these tools safely to avoid using SEO footprints.

6. Money Site Hosting

This is the most and important and basic point which needs to be avoided in any case if you do not want to leave any footprints. As the sites can be easily linked if they are located on the same servers and if you are practising this then you are putting your site and yourself in the danger zone.

So always host your sites on the different server especially the money-making site to avoid leaving any signs of SEO on the site.

Types Of Footprints

Footprints can be majorly divided into two parts based on their nature which are good footprints and bad footprints. Let’s see each one of them in detail.

1. Good Footprints

We can call these footprints as great Footprints, and basically it is a regular string of content that you can see and pull from the site page to search for similar website pages. SEOs those website pages

 You can use an imprint to search for, who will not have the option to search through general inquiries

So if you have  to search for fashion-identified WordPress web magazines, you would take a line of content that is found on most WordPress websites,

For example, “managed by WordPress”. At the point when different site pages share an attribute such as this is known as an impression. You can then search for identified locations with your watchman.

Will be able to toss a changing word like “Fashion” at the end of that impression and that will coordinate your impression

As a rule, the impressions are helpful for finding comparative locations. This is useful for third party references when you search for a website 

Others can get a simple connection, like the blog stage for which you are new, you should make a search worthy of the search you can do. 

2. Bad Footprints

Firstly starting with the bad footprints, these links can also be called as “leaving impressions” and Google can easily figure out from such traces that you are manipulating the SERP to improve the rankings.

As we all know that link building is an important part of SEO and cannot be ignored, however, according to search engines the links should not be built it should be naturally earned.

 If you are pointing a link from other domains to your money site that is hosted on the same server and has same IP address then search engines can easily trace that IP address, in that case, your IP address a Bad Footprint that indicates you are manually trying to manipulate the rankings of your website.

Are SEO Footprints Still Relevant?

Now the final question which is asked by many people is about the relevancy of the SEO Footprints and the answer is clearly Yes. As SEO footprints were relevant and obviously it will be relevant in the coming years.

Search Engines are becoming more smarter and gone are the days where you can easily fool them to manipulate the rankings but now if a search engine can find a footprint which is used against their guidelines then definitely you have to pay the bear a heavy price for the same.

What Future Beholds for B2B Instagram in 2020 – A Statistical Study

Instagram Statistics 2020

When it comes to business marketing using social media platforms, Instagram stands tall among all other social media platforms. This is in spite of the fact that Instagram is after Facebook and Twitter in a number of users active on these platforms. Therefore, if you are on the line of contemplating strengthening your social media marketing strategy in 2020, you should seriously consider using Instagram. This will help you to:

  • Reach out to more of your target audience much efficiently and more effectively
  • Make sure that the level of engagement and interaction between you and them is more and
  • Enhance the chances of conversion and increase your customer base.

Therefore, put more emphasis on the different Instagram marketing tactics and best practices to go ahead of your competitors in 2020, making the best use of your social followers.

If you are still apprehensive about implementing Instagram marketing with your social media marketing, then here are a few general and B2B statistics that will encourage you to use it immediately.

Taking a look at the general Instagram statistics be informed that:

  • It now has more than a billion active users in a month. If you know simple math and can drive even one percent of them to your website and business, you can well imagine the number. Lost? It is one followed by seven zeros, or put, ten million!
  • More and more businesses, especially eCommerce. Are inclined to use Instagram since it comes with lots of eCommerce related tools and features. Using these, the companies find it easy to move on their road to success.

Therefore, it makes suitable enough sense for social media managers, business owners, and advertisers to use Instagram for their business. It all depends on how you utilize the various tools, features, and options of this platform so that you can gain more Instagram followers and connect with them to turn them into your loyal customers.

The power of Instagram

The fact that so many people are using Instagram, more than one billion monthly active users according to the 2018 report of TechCrunch, shows that this mobile photo and video sharing network is one of the most popular ones among social followers worldwide. Now for the power of Instagram.

Social media managers and marketers use it extensively for promoting their brand and product because of its immense power to reach a large audience more engagingly. It raises the interest in the followers to click at the link in your profile bio to visit your website to know more about you, your business and product.

  • The fact that you can edit and share both photos and videos make Instagram the most powerful and popular social network.
  • It is also a powerful tool because you can reach teens and young millennials, people who are primarily responsible for making Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms.

Apart from the tremendous number of monthly active users, there are also a few other reliable and good indicators that you should not question the power of Instagram or wonder whether or not you should invest your time and money on Instagram.

Mostly, young adults love Instagram, and they are the ones who will push your business graph further northwards? Here are a few Instagram demographics data that will prove this fact and even encourage you to use it for your business promotion and marketing.

  • 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram mobile app, according to Statista 2019 report, are below the age of 35 and
  • The most popular age group is between 25 and 34 years
  • The second popular age group is between 18 and 24 years.

There is no doubt that your target audience falls under any one of the abovementioned demographics.

Therefore, these statistics about the distribution of Instagram followers of the world as of January 2019 show that it is prudent to utilize this platform for your brand promotion.

The likes and other factors

Instagram reports and several other survey reports corroborate with the facts and figures of the users and usefulness of this social media network.

  • According to the source, it is found that every day the platform receives more than 4.2 billion likes.
  • Another source,, reveals that every day there are nearly 400 million Instagram Stories posted, and different businesses and brands create one-third of these Stories.
  • According to, more than 60% of Instagram users login to their accounts every day, and quite a large number of them logging in multiple times in a day.

Instagram is the second most engaged social media network after Facebook, with over 100 million photos uploaded on an average every day by the Instagram users, as per the source

Impressive B2B statistics

Since you are into business and are apprehensive about using Instagram for your business marketing purposes, you will surely like to know about a few B2B statistics.

  • There are more than 33% of B2B companies are using this as their marketing tool, and that figure is continually rising
  • According to a report of TrackMaven, Instagram provides twenty times more engagement in comparison to LinkedIn, when it comes to the B2B brands
  • It is also found that 98.9% of interactions with the customers and these B2B brands come in the form of “likes” instead of comments
  • For the B2B brands, Instagram users, on average, have 22.53 interactions for every 1000 followers for each post on Instagram, which is several times more than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is for these reasons that more than 13% of B2B brands rank Instagram as the most crucial tool for their business marketing purposes.


According to a statistical report of SquareLovin, in 2020, the Instagram users will spend nearly 18 minutes on an average on this platform in 2020. With the use of the user-generated content, businesses can get 300% higher Click-Through rates through ads, 4.5 times higher conversions, reduce cost per acquisition, and cost per click by 50%. Impressed enough to start using Instagram?

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell handles social media at Gramista and he loves to write about email marketing and Instagram.