Google Answer Box: How to Optimize your Site for GAB

Google Answer Box - How to Optimize it in 7 Simple Steps

What is Google Answer Box

Google Answer Box launched in the year 2015 is an exclusive SERP result that Google chooses to display on the top of the search engine. It is a rich-featured snippet and is in the form of the knowledge graph. Generally, the answers that are displayed in Google Answer Box are very short and precise, they are meant to provide the exact answers of the searched queries.

What is the importance of Google Answer Box

As the answer box is featured on the top of the SERP there are high chances that your link will be clicked first before any other website and the traffic on your site can be doubled in no time by just appearing on the Google Search box because Google directly scrapes the result from the websites that provide the adequate and efficient answers. So if your aim is to appear on the top-notch position then Google Answer Box is one of the best solutions that you can focus on.

Even digital assistants like Alexa, Siri uses Google Answer box to tell the answer.

How To Get Featured In Google Answer Box

  1. Targeting The Right Keywords

Targeting the keywords that already appears in the Google Answer Box will make sure that you are using the right keywords which Google believes can be directly and easily answered if your site is already ranking on number three or four SERP then targeting the Google Anwer Box keywords can increase your chances of appearing on the first position, so for that you need to perform appropriate keyword research to drive traffic on your website.

2. Targeting Questioning Keywords Should Be Your First Priority

The primary purpose of the Google Answer Box is providing answers to the questions that users are searching for, so it is imperative that you need to target the keywords that include questions, moreover targeting the broad questioning keywords will help you in better ways because when you target narrow or short phrases then there are chances that the site might not appear in the Google Answer Box, so try to target broad questions as your keywords.

3. Do Not Forget About the Length Of The Content

As Google only the short and succinct answers in its answer box, you also need to make sure that you are not providing lengthy and too many informative answers because the purpose of Google is to provide exact and relevant information to the users and you should not try to destroy that purpose, keep the length close to 100 words.

For eg:- If a user searches for “Capital of Russia” then Google Answer Box will only provide the answer as “Moscow” and a very few descriptive lines about the same. 

4. Make Sure To Use Proper Language and Formatting:-

Formatting and language are the two essential elements when it comes to Google Answer Box because Google is stringent about language and formatting and you cannot miss on these factors.

Make sure that you are using correct language and along ensuring the proper usage of grammar and spellings also the format should be properly designed, moreover the terms and phrases that you are using in your answers should be definite and clearly states the purpose.

5. Include List And Tables For Specific Information

For a specific type of queries that includes search term like How to, Following Steps, Google prefers to display content that is properly organised and is easy to understand so it displays the content  in the form of a list, tables, graph etc, so if your keywords include the above search terms then curating content in these formats will help you to appear on the Google Answer Box.

6. Provide Authentic And Correct Answers

Google always look for the sources that provide correct and true information because of one of the most imperative aims of Google is to provide relevant and correct information and you cannot come on top by ignoring this factor and misleading the users, so always verify and cross-check the information that you are providing on your website.

7. Content Optimization:-

As content is pervasive it is important to create a rich piece of information that allures Google and users. There are only few points that should be kept in mind while creating content for Google Answer Box is that the length should be under 100 words and the content should be of high quality and free of any plagiarism, keeping these things in mind while  creating the content will increase your chances of being appearing on the top. 

Do Google Answer Box Appears Same On Different Devices

This is one of the most frequent questions and the answer is simply “No” because answers vary according to the keywords excluding some exceptions, this happens because the pages that appear on the top of desktop might not appear on the top of mobile devices because those sites are not mobile-friendly and hence do not appear on the tp of mobile devices.

Google Answer Box Query 

As Google Answer Box is meant to provide answers to the queries that users are looking for there are some search phrase that you can target to appear in Google Answer Box:-

  • How to
  • How Long
  • What is
  • How many
  • How much
  • What are
  • Can you

Some key takeaways for Google Answer Box

  • Domains with high authority have comparatively more chances of appearing on the top
  • Answer boxes show different search results on different devices
  • Answer boxes can display old URL’S as well
  • The length of the answer should not be more than 100 words
  • Performing extensive keyword research is important as there are already soo many websites striving to appear in Google Search Box, you can only outrage them by selecting the proper keywords and you can easily win over them.

In the end, it can be concluded that appearing on the Google Answer Box is not that challenging if you are performing efficient keyword research and targeting the right keywords because this is the keystone to appear in the Google Search Box, moreover providing the correct and authentic information is always preferred by the Google.

8 Reasons Why Your Site Will Never Rank On Google

12 Reasons of Why your website is not Ranking on Google

Are you wondering why your site is not ranking on Google despite being putting in all the hard work and efforts?

No matter how good and attractive your website looks but if it can’t be found by search engines then surely you are not going to be found out in search engine.

As we all know that Google is the number one search engine in the World and all the websites must have a strong presence on search engines.

Most people are perplexed that in spite of putting in so many efforts their site does not rank on search engines.

So here we have listed some of the reasons that are stopping your site from getting ranked on Google. 

Reasons Your Site Is Not Ranking On Google

Here are the most common reasons why your site is not getting ranked on Google.

1. Your site is not indexed by Google

One of the primary reasons which most people are not aware of is whether their site is indexed or not by Google.

Mainly if your site is a brand new website then it may take some time to get listed and noticed on Google.

In case if you are wondering how to check whether your site is indexed or not then you can find out by using the following prefix in a google search.  (without the “www.” and “/”)

2. You are targeting Competitive Keywords

This is commonly the case with people who are beginners who have no ides of keywords and consistently target keywords that are widely searched and are way too competitive.

While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on competitive keywords, it’d be better to pick the correct keywords and choose phrases that you can attainably rank for with your existing authority and assests.

For instance,  you’re simply beginning with practically no resources or experience, in that case, it’d be insane to focus on the most competitive keywords. 

Rather, attempt to begin little and pick simpler keywords to follow first. After this, you can gradually extend and target progressively competitive keywords as your site develops.

3. Your Website Is Brand New

In case your site is just half a month old and you haven’t made a lot of content and backlinks at that point, your website will blatantly not rank on the search engine. Google will take some time to notice your website and after then only it will be visible on search engines.

How to get your site get noticed on search engine

1. Top-notch content 

 2. Amazing backlinks 

​That’s it. You need the combination of these two important factors to get noticed on the search engine. 

Additionally, there is by all accounts a holding up period where new sites are held in lower results. However, don’t stress – this is only the time it takes Google to complete the process of observing sites to ensure they’re genuine. 

This whole process is called Google Sandbox Mode where Google observes a  new website for a particular amount of time and when a site proves to be authentic and valuable then a site comes out of sandbox mode.

4. Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly

It comes with no surprise that your site is not going to rank on top if it is not mobile-friendly and responsive. As we all know that mobile phone is taking over desktop and if you do not optimize for the same then its seriously going to affect your rankings.

Preferably, your site ought to be “responsive”, this implies when your site is seen on a cell phone or an iPad it will take the shape of that specific gadget. It shouldn’t be difficult to work and require any hauling and squeezing. This contributes to terrible user experience, subsequently, for which Google might punish you.

In 2017, it was anticipated that before the end of 2019, mobile phones would represent 79% of all web traffic and if your site doesn’t work well or look right on a mobile device? Studies show people will simply stop visiting it in favor of a site that provides a better mobile experience.

5. Posting Poor Quality Content On Your Website

There are more than 200 indicators that Google uses to rank your site in list items. The vast majority of which can be improved by including and altering various components of your site including your meta tags.

Website content is one of the most important and primary factors that Google uses to rank your website on search engines.

No matter how many backlinks and off-page strategy you have followed, if you do not post high-quality content you are never going to rank on search engines.

You should always prefer Quality over Quantity when it comes to content writing

It does not make any sense if you post 7 days a week and none of your articles get ranked. Instead, post once or twice a week but focus on the quality content that holds high chances of getting ranked on the search engine.

6. You are not leveraging social signals

Social Media is a great channel that makes sure that your content reaches as many people as possible. The best part about social media is that you can get noticed even when people are not searching for your content unlike search engines where keywords need to be entered in order to view your content.

Better content converts into excellent traffic which, once more, influences your rankings.

When somebody shares content via social networking media, it gets shared again and again. So the possibility of getting traffic is very high which ultimately leads to high rankings.

7. Your Website Does Not Provide Good User Experience

You cannot expect to thrive in the online world without providing great user experience. After all the ultimate goal is to satisfy the users. You create content for users but if you fail to provide a good user experience like site speed, site structure, images, etc.

You can track user experience and usability by focusing on some key performing indicators like bounce rate, click-through rate, return rate, etc.

8. Your Site Is Not SEO Optimized

You must have heard many times that you cannot rank your website without performing SEO and it is blatantly true, you cannot expect to simply make a website and post content on it in order to get ranked on the first page of the search engines.

There a lot of activities that need to be performed on the front and back end of a website in SEO. In order to rank your website, you need to follow a mix of both on-page and off-page SEO.


If you also want to rank number one on Google then you need to avoid the above-given steps. As there are a number of factors that Google counts in when deciding the rankings of a website but these are some of the important reasons that stop your site from getting ranked.

In case if your site SEO Fails then you certainly need to seek professional help.