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Before we begin with the list of Best Browsers for Anonymous Surfing – Have you ever speculated what will be internet like without Browsers? 

I don’t think so that any one of us ever ponders on this matter as we cannot even think of a second where we are disconnected with the internet.

At some point in time, we all face some technical glitches with the browsers that we use, there may be some speed issues, popping up of unwanted ads and many more.

But we never think of shifting from one browser to another despite facing problems with the existing browser. 

It may be because many people are not aware of the different browsers that are available on the internet as we only know some of the celebrated browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.

Many of us are sceptical from changing our browsers due to security reasons, privacies and loss of information.

But do not worry you can always deviate to these Anonymous Browsers for Surfing as they don’t track your personal information and do not breach your security.

Advantages of using Anonymous Browsers

Anonymous Browsers has many benefits over normal browsers. Some of them are

1. Stay anonymous without VPN

You are not required to use Vpn if you are using anonymous browsers because some browsers offer embedded VPN within them.  

2. It does not save your browsing history

One of the significant advantages of anonymous browsers is that it does not save your history so that you can work in clandestine way.

3. Protection from the third-party monitoring

Private browsers protect your information from any unknown and unauthorised access as it can harm and leak your confidential information.

4. Anonymous Browsers are preferred by many trusted sources

It is not just you who is worried about your information being exposed there are many trusted authorities and corporations that rely on these browsers to protect their private information.

Best Browsers For Anonymous Surfing

Here are some of the best Anonymous Browsers that you can consider if you do not want your personal information to be tracked:-

1. Tor Browser

Tor which was previously known as ‘The Onion Router’ due to its structure and mechanism is one of the most trusted and reliable anonymous browsers that you can use.

Tor Browser-Best anonymous browser
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  • It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac.
  •  Works on the concept of Onion routing.
  • Does not disclose your private information to the servers and websites.
  • Serves the purpose without disclosing the IP address.
  • Tor also helps in visiting locked websites.
  • It is an amalgamation of the Firefox Browser and Tor Project.
  • Does not reveal the geographic location of a user.

2. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is an open-source browser that helps you surf the internet without worrying about your security because it provides the secured user-experience.

Brave Browser- Anonymous Browser
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  • One of the most amazing features of this browser is that it does not pop up those annoying ads while browsing.
  • It automatically disables the tracking information of a user.
  • Brave redirects all the website to HTTPS to protect privacy.
  • It blocks all the tracking pixels and tracking cookies.
  • As it is an ad-free browser it provides excellent speed.
  • Brave Browser supports all the software like Windows, Linux, Mac.

3. Waterfox

Waterfox is another great open-source anonymous browser for X64 and ARM 64 systems. It is a speedy and ethical browser that protects your private information and takes care of your privacy.

Waterfox Browser- Browser for anonymous surfing
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  • Waterfox is now adaptable with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.
  • It has a login and password manager to protect your information. 
  • Waterfox has re-implemented cookie promptness.
  • It has removed the data collection.
  • Uses Bing as its default search engine.
  • Waterfox does not track the information that your surf on the browser.

4. Epic Browser

Epic is a wonderful anonymous browser that protects your private information and has some amazing features that other browsers fail to offer.

Epic Browser- Anonymous Browser
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  •  Epic is completely safe to use because it does not saves your password, history,  no autofill nothing just a simple browser to protect your information.
  • It does not collect any data from its users for any purpose.
  • Unlike other browsers, it always works in private mode.
  • Epic does not irritate you by showing multiple ads.
  • It blocks certain WebRTC calls that track your IP.
  • One of the most amazing features is that you can install an encrypted proxy that helps you access block sites. 

5. Pale Moon

Pale Moon is an open-source browser that works fine with Windows, Linux and it’s developing for other operating systems. It offers a great browsing experience the users without comprising with the personal information of the users.

Pale Moon- Best Private browser
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  • It is fully optimized for modern processors.
  • Safe to use as their security features are updated frequently.
  • Fully customizable interface and theme.
  •  Unlike another browser, it does not crash quickly.
  • Your privacy is protected and s not disclosed anywhere.
  • It has a simple interface like Mozilla Firefox that provides a great user experience.

6. Comodo IceDragon Browser

Comodo Ice Dragon Browser is a  functional and speedy browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It is developed by the security company known as ‘Comodo’.

Comodo Ice Dragon Browser-Best anonymous browser
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  • It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.
  • It works completely fine with Firefox plugins.
  • Comodo enhances and updated its policies more frequently to avoid to protect your confidential information.
  • Scans web pages to avoid nay malware practices within the brow

7. SR Ware Iron

If you are well versed with chrome then you are not going to face any issues using this browser because it is built on the Chromium project and you will find a lot of similarity between Chrome and SR Ware Iron.

SR Ware Iron-Best Private Browser
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  • It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
  • SRIron is more secured and protected than Google Chrome.
  • The user experience is similar to that of Chrome.
  • Protects your private information from exposure.
  • SR Ware Iron blocks instant Google Suggestion.
  • It prevents ad form popping up while your browsing on the browser.


There are many different browsers available but here are some of the most popular and trustable browsers that you can use without thinking twice. 

If you are concerned about your security then you should never risk your private information. It hardly takes few minute or hours to download the browsers. 

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