5 Incredible Benefits of OpenCart for your Ecommerce Site

While doing business in the e-commerce environment, every business must choose the right platform in order to effectively compete with the other players in their industry segment. Benefits of OpenCart Development are countless including simplicity, multi-functionality and flexibility. This makes it one of the most wonderful platforms to build e-commerce websites. You can even hire an agency like RankFrog for developing your e-commerce website. Here are the top features of this online shopping software that businesses must know:


The process of setting up the e-commerce store on this platform is straightforward and very simple. To be able to use this software, one need not be tech savvy. Even those with the least knowledge of working with software can easily create their own shop within a very less time. Therefore, most developers find it very convenient to work on this platform. In fact, the simplicity of this platform enables the users take part in the development process along with the developers while they work on their projects.


The speed of the site is a very important aspect people look for in the online shop they visit. A slow loading shop will dissuade the customers from continuing to use the site. The OpenCart shopping cart is light weighted and also makes use of the most advanced AJAX technology. It assures fast loading as well as a speedy performance.

The admin panel of this software is very simple to use and does not need you to familiarize with this software. Therefore you can manage your store very easily. There are also some incredible features in the shopping cart provided by this platform. This includes one page checkout and a smart site structure that highly simplifies shop navigation, handy search and others.

Versatile functionality

OpenCart supports multi-store functionality in order to be able to manage different stores from one single admin panel. This facility lets you group your customers for each of your stores, having two independent stores for retail and wholesale customers, localize the stores for each country with default currency, tax rates and language. You can also choose to manage a single inventory for multiple stores.

Pricing Benefits of OpenCart

One of the important Benefits of OpenCart is that its an open source platform which is free to download and use for commercial purposes. It does not cost anything to install it. The maintenance expenses are also very less when compared to other online shopping software. You can choose any hosting and pay only a few dollars month on month as hosting charges. The store management, customization and other tasks can be performed by you without the help of the experts. You can either go for an exclusive design or pick any of the available themes.

Facilities and extensions

OpenCart is highly popular for its great functionality. There are a lot of in-box features. The shop owners can also extend the store possibilities by making use of more than 7000 extensions available. The other overwhelming advantages that helps make the online selling a hassle free experience include multiple tax zones, over 23 payment gateways, advanced report system to calculate the total sale on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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