9 Things to Look for in a Perfectly Designed Website

Often we come across sites that make us feel “Aha”. And we start thinking about giving our own site a revamp. But what are the factors that makes some websites look good and functional more than others. Checkout these small things that combine to become a perfectly designed website.

Going deep also enhances your web development skills will help you to design a site which helps your company get a boost in terms of sales. Following the web design tips given below will help you to experience a perfectly designed website:

1. Design and Color

Start by designing in shades of gray and add color later. Turn the wireframe into a grayscale visual design. Thereafter, add photography. Then you can add color to all design elements one at a time. The process will prevent going overboard with the design of the website and allows prominence only on elements that require it.

2. Add Web Fonts

You should look into adding corporate web fonts because a website has the similar governance corporate documents and collateral does. The best place to start with is Google Fonts. Look for a suitable web font. Thereafter, define usage within your corporate style guide. This will help you to use it regularly online.

3. Simplify Navigation

A perfectly designed website has a smooth and simplified navigation throughout the website. Remove dropdown menus. The main focus should be on multi-tier dropdown navigation. These should be removed. Also reduce the number of links in the sidebar or header of the website.

4. Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

Social share buttons are very important to your site. These are small buttons located around the top or bottom of blog posts comprising of icons of different social media websites. The buttons facilitate you to share pages directly on the social media channel of your choice. Serving as a non-pushy tool that boosts social sharing from your buyers, these help you to have a great website that attracts the target audience.

5. Get Found

For a significant online presence, create a website that can get found. To start with, develop an SEO strategy that integrates search terms your potential buyers and audience would search for. The terms must include developing content relevant to the needs of visitors. Some of the best examples include e-books videos, and blog articles. Recognize the appropriate keywords first.

Play safe and look for an SEO service provider like RankFrog if you haven’t got much experience with Search Engines.

6. Homepage Scrolling

Allow your visitors to scroll on your homepage. Design a longer homepage. Focus on integrating around 3-5 sections that allow for direct new and frequent users to appropriate parts of your website. This will allow you to create a smooth experience.
Some of the best examples of these sections include value proposition, about us, overview of services, testimonials, product features, success stories, resources etc.

7. Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is crucial for any perfectly designed website. Otherwise your website looks good to only 50% of the visitors. Over 80 percent of online users own a smartphone. As per Google, 61 per cent of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they couldn’t access easily. So customize your site to fit the requirements and demands of your visitors. Go for mobile optimization. Also check out some of the best mobile websites to know create seamless mobile experiences for your potential clients.

8. Right Images

All images do not fit with into the type of message you wish to display your audience. There is a lot to choose from. Some are even available for free. Using pictures portraying images of real people that work as staff in your company will help. An experienced freelance web developer will prefer professional photography. It brings more realism to your brand.

9. Unique Offerings

Conversion of visitors is usually done through a number of efforts such as presenting new offers, items, demos, etc. However, with a number of sources out there on the internet, it has become tough to get people converting on yours. Hence, it is crucial to not only pay attention to the resources and offers available within your service area as well as those that aren’t!

For instance, if you are a social media organization who gets to know about other competitors developing informative eBooks on how to make best use of house waste, you can get an idea. Instead of creating a similar offer, you may take the project a step further by creating a tool that helps people to download the app and get the latest info at different times of the day. The idea is to going a step further and gain an edge over competitors.

To Conclude – 

Its not always easy to go DIY in case of web development. You may be able to put together an average looking site for your brand. But to differentiate it from numerous online players and giving it a stellar look you must hire a company like Rankfrog for Web Development assignments.

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