How Organizations are Leveraging The Best Social Media Campaigns?

Social media has become a go-to and trustworthy source of timely information in learning organizations. It has evolved into an effective Best Social Media Campaigns platform where both school representatives and its audience interact. Prospective students are able to directly connect with the right school personnel to have their inquiries answered. The school administrators can easily inform their visitors about school calendar events and important reminders. They’re able to send sincere messages of encouragement and words of wisdom that relate to education. By using the best social media campaigns tailored to students’ needs, more new students are attracted. Here are two successful case studies of how colleges leveraged social media to achieve their goals.

Case Study #1: Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Being a smaller institution, it was a challenge for them to compete with the bigger universities. To build their brand in 2017, staff became active in social media, both as individuals and a department. They ran social media campaigns that showcased the university life and work that they do. Audience engagement was encouraged by prompting students and prospective students to ask questions. Mansfield relies heavily on social media to take care of the needs of their current students. They did it through direct messaging, tagging and mentioning, and running social campaigns that involve posting of images, sharing of other people’s posts and using polls.As a result, students become involved and a good relationship with the university faculty and workforce were honed. They use Facebook and Twitter as their primary social networks.

Case Study  #2: University of Salford, Manchester

In 2016, the University of Salford successfully ran a great user-generated content campaign that’s also a strong visual social media campaign. They aimed to build awareness and engagement on Clearing Day for their current and potential students. They created Polaroid style #SALFIE frames, put it everywhere around the campus for students to take their own pictures in the frame. And then tweet it using the #SALFIE hashtag. The university collected all pictures and put it in its Instagram feed. They also used similar campaign when the semester began. This time, they ran a ‘best photo’ contest. Both these campaigns resulted in hundreds of #SALFIE images uploaded to social media, happy students, and, more university ambassadors. This included prospective and current students who had something good to say about the university.

Social media is the catalyst that initiates communication between learning organizations, students, and potential students. When done right, it translates to a growing number of students and school revenue. But it all starts with a simple, truthful advocacy of education and its relevance. Someone out there can benefit from what your organization teaches. It’s time for your college or learning organization to be recognized.

Does your institution use social media as part of its marketing strategy?

If you do, are you getting the desired number of enrollees you want? If not, you already know by now that social media is a critical component in establishing authority and trust in educational establishments. And you need social proof to market effectively to your prospective students.

It’s now quick and easy to create the best social media campaigns that resonate well with the online community that you want to reach out to. In a few clicks and minutes, you can have one running in various social networks so that you’ll only have to wait for leads to come in. You can have students enrolling in your school or training course within weeks. Get started with your social campaigns today. You can use tools like to build social campaigns that work.

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