7 Digital Marketing Trends to look forward to in 2018

2018 is just around the corner. We’re welcoming new tips and trends for the coming year. The digital marketing trends in 2018 will completely revolutionize the online space with emerging technologies and ways to connect with the customers.

Digital marketing strategy can work great when you know which platform works best for your brand and audience. There are a number of factors which adds value to your marketing strategy and rightly targeting the audience. Before diving into  Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 you can check out the seo trends in 2017 strategies that were prevalent during the course of the year.

Let’s explore the trends coming down the line that could prove effective in marketing strategy.

1.Visualization is essential

Video posting is an important element of digital marketing. All the information and details posted automatically becomes appealing and interesting to watch whether it’s an informative video or a cartoon video. YouTube is one incredible platform that receives major traffic, views, and engagement. Many industries can take advantage of the recent introduction of live streaming videos on Facebook and Instagram. With time, it’s clear that people have started preferring watching videos over reading content. Viewers are more tempted to watch visual content as they spend much of their time using smartphones.

2.Dark Social

Dark social is offering great new opportunities if implemented in the coming year. People post on social media platforms and give out their information. The information shared on social platforms are secured and privacy is protected. It not only helps in securing but it can add value to your business and helps you reach out to the audience in a better way.

3.Personalized experience and Content Marketing

One thing that should be focused next year is the content marketing. The video is one kind, content is important too that gives an uplift to the brand image. The companies are making preparation of offering a personalized experience to the users, it can be done on a single customized page (Facebook or Twitter) or a web page. This will be the new entry in the upcoming year to place quality content and make the navigation pattern easy for users.

4.Rise of the Chatbots

Chatbots have an excellent emergence in the marketing business in 2018. They are relatively simple to operate, it’s quite easy to place an order through chatbots as there are many variables. Chatbots are going to seen more this year in industries with complex transactions. Any company can visualize how to utilize this software that can better satisfy the consumer expectations.

5.Native Ads drives great visibility

Native Advertising is one of the most effective ways in marketing methods. This works well in grabbing the audience’s attention and providing an engaging experience to them. Many viewers tend to get bored while watching an Ad. Native Ads take great consideration in facilitating brands in creating ads in a seamless manner. Users can willingly see the ad and are comfortable watching it.

6.Machine Learning

Business marketer have predicted that future of marketing will consist of ingenious users working with machine learning. In the marketing arena, the better you are at coordinating instantly to the consumer is the better it is for your business. Machine learning benefits greatly when it comes to assistance. It has made an impact of assisting in the healthcare and fraud department with PayPal using the predictive technology. This is the most chatted forecast of Digital Marketing Trends in 2018.


The recent evolution of smartphones has proven to make an influential impact on the customer interactions. Brands having the perfect understanding of micro moments by providing the right information at the right when customers need to get successful. In 2018, Micro-moments are crucial in Decision making from checking emails, using social media and push notifications. In 2018, business leaders have predicted to see a rise micro-moments and mobile-friendly sites will emerge to provide a seamless user experience.

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Nancy Lamas is a content writer at leading digital marketing company in Singapore. She holds a BSCS Degree and loves to write. She has a great passion for discovering new trends and tips in the field and is very enthusiastic about writing and reading news.

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