10 Easy Steps to Write an Effective Re-engagement Email

RankFrog | Writing itself is an art, but writing an effective re-engagement email for your customers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Email marketing is a huge industry today and almost every company is opting for it. It has given us the ease of increasing our business to a whole new level. You can do this just by sitting in one place and trigger the sales by sending effective emails. But, it is not as easy as it sounds and requires different skills. I am sure you must be wondering about the best possible way to write an engaging email.

We will discuss following points to understand this topic in detail.

  • Importance of an effective re-engagement email.
  • Top 10 tips to write an effective email to re-engage the customers.

It is necessary to know the importance of the topic first, because, only after knowing its necessity, you will become more serious about the same. Let’s understand why writing re-engagement email is necessary.

The importance of an effective re-engaging email.

  • It gains people’s attention towards you.
  • Re-engages the inactive subscribers.
  • Effective email campaigns have a high potential to give you more potential customers.

So, in order to gain the access to the client’s attention once again, you need to be serious about writing effecting emails which should be aimed to re-engage them. We are mentioning few useful tips that will help you in this task.

Tips to write an effective email to re-engage customers.

Involving customers while face to face talk is much easier than engaging them via email. This is why the email marketing becomes unsuccessful for many companies. You should know your customers more than anybody else, even before starting to draft the rough content of your email. Here are best picked 10 tactics that should be looking forward to.

  1. Know your customer.
  2. Use an eye-catchy tagline, subject lines or headline, followed by a storytelling content.
  3. Create Responsive and polished designs.
  4. Write personalized emails.
  5. Language should be easily understandable.
  6. Cut short your email list.
  7. Use automation.
  8. Easy and clear ‘Calls to action’ should be included.
Let’s dive into each one of them in detail.

1. Know your customer

Everything can go waste if you are not writing according to your customer’s need and mindset. For example, you are targeting business owners for your business, but sending emails to employees. There will be no use of sending even highest quality emails to irrelevant customers. So, know your customers well in advance and end-up in sending relevant emails.

2. Use an eye-catchy tagline

Using a powerful and eye-catchy tagline line can make a great impression on customers. Have a look at the example of ‘in vision’ attached below;According to many surveys, companies that used attractive and meaningful subject lines, taglines, etc. are more successful in generating potential customers through email marketing campaigns. So, don’t hesitate in spending some more time in writing taglines.

3. Create responsive and polished email design/ layout

Email design is very important as it leaves the very first impression on the client as soon as opens the email. It should be short and be providing crisp information. Also make it multiple devices friendly because this enables customers to open the email in desktop, tablet or in mobile phones. We are saying this because more than half emails are opened on mobiles nowadays. Dominos has one of the best responsive email design. Here is the proof.

4. Write personalized emails

Keeping this point in mind will help you in targeting your customer at a personal level. Make it your first goal instead.

5. Language should be easily understandable

Avoid to use complex words that are not used in common language. Use words as per your customer’s language, nature, needs and other types of requirements.

6. Offer your best

Your best services should be offered within the email. This allows them to know what you are good at and enables them to take faster action towards it. Example of dominos shown above is a good source to understand this point.

7. Address a problem and suggest an effective solution

It will be great you can address the reason behind their inactive status towards your product. If they are able to relate, they will definitely take a positive move.

8. Cut short your email list

Segmenting your email list should not be amiss. So, check your contact list before you send the email to everyone. Select the names of customers for whom your business will be helpful and make a list of relevant people.This step will allow you to personalize the emails and will enable you to engage your customer in a more effective and powerful way.

9. Use automation

We are living in a digitized world where almost every industry has got automated tools for many tasks. It saves a lot of time and hence more people are now adopting automation. So, keep email marketing automation tool ready for you because they help in implementing the workflows on time. They are great at converting a normal subscriber into a loyal customer.

10. Easy and clear ‘Calls to action’ should be included

 A clear ‘Call to Action’ button allows customers to take immediate action towards your email. Giving an option to re-activate or re-subscription is a good option though. We have displayed 2 best examples of this.

Gear up and begin with writing an effective re-engagement email by considering all tips we discussed here.


Re-engaging your subscribers in an effective manner is not that easy, but after reading its importance and tactics to write an effective re-engagement email that we discussed here. We are sure you will definitely end up with something really good this time.

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