Why You Need Explainer Videos For Your Business

Need for Explainer Videos

After learning more about animated explainer videos you will realize why your brand desperately needs it. You will see how it’s the perfect way to clearly explain what you sell and increase your conversion. An explainer video will also boost your visibility and sales, so this is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. But don’t worry. By the end of this article, you will understand what a great investment it is!

When Google algorithms evaluate your site in regards to search rankings they consider the amount of time visitors spend on your site. This is one of the aspects that make explainer videos so effective. They have blossomed in today’s media production due to their low cost and effectiveness for growing businesses. Here are some of the most valuable reasons your business needs to start utilizing a media production company today!

Why do you need explainer videos?

Conversion rates

Recent studies show that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they are exposed to an animated explainer video. These videos help business owners see how many visitors on their sites could become potential customers. Businesses typically use product sales to keep a record of what items are most popular. While explainer videos can keep a record of what your potential customers are interested in as well. But most importantly explainer videos are proven to increase your conversion rates.

Send a clear message

Writing text can be tricky, especially with high stakes. I’m sure we’ve all learned the hard way, through texting, that people can interpret words differently. Explainer videos can help your company send a clear and concise message to your audience. It becomes simpler to explain the usefulness and basic functionality of your product. Furthermore, people can get a better grasp of what you’re trying to convey with animated pictures. It’s like everyone says “a picture is worth a thousand words.”. You can only imagine how video compares. Not to mention your company will be able to connect better with your audience and you can grow your brand.

Rank better in Google

If you don’t know much about Google algorithms know this, stagnant websites don’t perform well. Websites that contain never-ending pages of block text and the occasional image rank low in Google search. This means less exposure for their site. If you think about it when you want to quickly learn something what do you do? Pick the website with a 2,000-word explanation? Or do you click the 1:30 second video that clearly explains it? Most likely the latter. If you don’t attempt to include video on your site not only are you ranking poorly. You are also scaring away costumes who want to quickly understand a product. 

The average person takes less than a minute to make a decision to purchase something. Ask yourself this- Does your site convince your audience that quickly? Not only will an explainer video grasp their attention immediately, but it will also effectively answer their questions. Including videos is a way to ensure your website ranks well in Google and satisfies your customers.

Increase website traffic

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “viral”. Ask yourself what happens when someone has a video that goes viral. You, your brand, and your product are being seen by millions of people around the world. What do they do next? Go to your website and see you were featuring. Furthermore, they will look at what else you have to offer. Media production companies understand the increasing value in having videos on the internet today because of this exposure. 

Help your customers remember you

Did you know that people typically remember around 50% of what they see? For businesses, this means you will be better remembered by your customers by interacting with them via video. If customers like your video they will share it with their friends, families, and colleges. This will help your company increase its word-of-mouth advertising. 

Really SELL them

Trying to pitch a product on paper is just plain boring! How do you grasp your reader’s attention with simple words while trying to remain clear. I think it’s safe to say being a salesman online definitely has its challenges. You can liven up you sales pitch by using an explainer video. A well-produced video with a solid script and interesting visuals will work wonders for your business. Videos are especially desirable for complicated products or services. Your audience may have trouble understanding them through text. 

Easy to share

I’m sure throughout your life you have received a text containing a link to a video. It’s a very popular way of sharing information with your peers. If a customer likes your product and video they may send the link into a group chat of friends. Gaining you more and more exposure to every share. 

What’s more, these videos don’t necessarily need to be confined to your website. Many businesses take advantage of the opportunity and send customers to a product landing page. Perhaps you have a new product you’re about to launch. You produce an explainer video featuring the new product to show your customers. When your customers click the link in your video they are sent directly to a page where they can purchase your product. Otherwise known as a landing page. 

Showcase your brand

I touched on brand exposure earlier but hardly dove into the topic. The most common reason for repeat customers is brand personality! It’s important for a customer to put a face and personality to your company. This is how you get them to never forget you. While store business have the upper hand by interacting with their customers face-to-face, an online business can still thrive! Videos can help your company gain trust with your customers and help your customers trust your products. If you can’t be face-to-face with your clients its crucial to at least create a virtual connection, and a strong one at that! 

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What Future Beholds for B2B Instagram in 2020 – A Statistical Study

Instagram Statistics 2020

When it comes to business marketing using social media platforms, Instagram stands tall among all other social media platforms. This is in spite of the fact that Instagram is after Facebook and Twitter in a number of users active on these platforms. Therefore, if you are on the line of contemplating strengthening your social media marketing strategy in 2020, you should seriously consider using Instagram. This will help you to:

  • Reach out to more of your target audience much efficiently and more effectively
  • Make sure that the level of engagement and interaction between you and them is more and
  • Enhance the chances of conversion and increase your customer base.

Therefore, put more emphasis on the different Instagram marketing tactics and best practices to go ahead of your competitors in 2020, making the best use of your social followers.

If you are still apprehensive about implementing Instagram marketing with your social media marketing, then here are a few general and B2B statistics that will encourage you to use it immediately.

Taking a look at the general Instagram statistics be informed that:

  • It now has more than a billion active users in a month. If you know simple math and can drive even one percent of them to your website and business, you can well imagine the number. Lost? It is one followed by seven zeros, or put, ten million!
  • More and more businesses, especially eCommerce. Are inclined to use Instagram since it comes with lots of eCommerce related tools and features. Using these, the companies find it easy to move on their road to success.

Therefore, it makes suitable enough sense for social media managers, business owners, and advertisers to use Instagram for their business. It all depends on how you utilize the various tools, features, and options of this platform so that you can gain more Instagram followers and connect with them to turn them into your loyal customers.

The power of Instagram

The fact that so many people are using Instagram, more than one billion monthly active users according to the 2018 report of TechCrunch, shows that this mobile photo and video sharing network is one of the most popular ones among social followers worldwide. Now for the power of Instagram.

Social media managers and marketers use it extensively for promoting their brand and product because of its immense power to reach a large audience more engagingly. It raises the interest in the followers to click at the link in your profile bio to visit your website to know more about you, your business and product.

  • The fact that you can edit and share both photos and videos make Instagram the most powerful and popular social network.
  • It is also a powerful tool because you can reach teens and young millennials, people who are primarily responsible for making Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms.

Apart from the tremendous number of monthly active users, there are also a few other reliable and good indicators that you should not question the power of Instagram or wonder whether or not you should invest your time and money on Instagram.

Mostly, young adults love Instagram, and they are the ones who will push your business graph further northwards? Here are a few Instagram demographics data that will prove this fact and even encourage you to use it for your business promotion and marketing.

  • 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram mobile app, according to Statista 2019 report, are below the age of 35 and
  • The most popular age group is between 25 and 34 years
  • The second popular age group is between 18 and 24 years.

There is no doubt that your target audience falls under any one of the abovementioned demographics.

Therefore, these statistics about the distribution of Instagram followers of the world as of January 2019 show that it is prudent to utilize this platform for your brand promotion.

The likes and other factors

Instagram reports and several other survey reports corroborate with the facts and figures of the users and usefulness of this social media network.

  • According to the source wired.co.uk/article/Instagram-doubles-to-half-billion-users, it is found that every day the platform receives more than 4.2 billion likes.
  • Another source, blog.hootsuite.com/Instagram-statistics, reveals that every day there are nearly 400 million Instagram Stories posted, and different businesses and brands create one-third of these Stories.
  • According to brandwatch.com/blog/Instagram-stats, more than 60% of Instagram users login to their accounts every day, and quite a large number of them logging in multiple times in a day.

Instagram is the second most engaged social media network after Facebook, with over 100 million photos uploaded on an average every day by the Instagram users, as per the source omnicoreagency.com/instagram-statistics.

Impressive B2B statistics

Since you are into business and are apprehensive about using Instagram for your business marketing purposes, you will surely like to know about a few B2B statistics.

  • There are more than 33% of B2B companies are using this as their marketing tool, and that figure is continually rising
  • According to a report of TrackMaven, Instagram provides twenty times more engagement in comparison to LinkedIn, when it comes to the B2B brands
  • It is also found that 98.9% of interactions with the customers and these B2B brands come in the form of “likes” instead of comments
  • For the B2B brands, Instagram users, on average, have 22.53 interactions for every 1000 followers for each post on Instagram, which is several times more than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is for these reasons that more than 13% of B2B brands rank Instagram as the most crucial tool for their business marketing purposes.


According to a statistical report of SquareLovin, in 2020, the Instagram users will spend nearly 18 minutes on an average on this platform in 2020. With the use of the user-generated content, businesses can get 300% higher Click-Through rates through ads, 4.5 times higher conversions, reduce cost per acquisition, and cost per click by 50%. Impressed enough to start using Instagram?

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell handles social media at Gramista and he loves to write about email marketing and Instagram.

Top Grossing Android Games on Google Play Store

Top Grossing Android Games

Smartphones are more than communication tools and are used to do many things including games. Making phone calls is almost the last thing that we do with our mobile phones. With the help of advanced technology, the internet, and creativity, the virtual world of reality is all over the world. Kids and kids at heart are now playing each other through smartphones and are having so much fun using gaming apps. So lets have a look at 10 Top Grossing Android Games on Google Play Store.

This gaming is easily downloaded from Google play store. Plus the grossing games are accessed anywhere making them convenient. They are numerous in number and everyone can find one that interests them and start playing on the go. Besides playing and having lots of fun, the apps also generate lots of revenue since many people spend a lot of time playing them whenever they get a chance and the easy internet connection is largely contributing to it. That said, this article will look at some of the top-grossing apps available on Google play.

Monster Strike

Number one on my list is Monster Strike, a mobile physics game with elements of role-playing, strategy and cooperative multiplayer. This nifty grossing gaming app is developed by Mixi for iOS and Android platforms. It was co-created by Yoshiki Okamoto. The game is quite popular around the world and many are downloading it on their android phones and playing. 

Clash Royale

This is an interesting gaming app that is played online. Clash Royale requires a real-time strategy of combining elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arenas. Published in2016 and launched in the following year, Clash Royale has grossed $1 billion in revenue. What made this figure possible is its premium model of monetizing the app through in-app purchases. The game has topped the charts in 131 countries and was ranked number 3 as the most popular app game for iOS in 2017 with an estimated 30,109 daily installs and $1,286,317 daily revenue. 

Candy Crush Saga

And who doesn’t know Candy Crush Saga, the biggest game on play store? This popular grossing game for Android is famous and played with people from all walks of life. It has once again claimed the top spot in the Apple app store chart of top-grossing games of 2017. This was due to its new entry called Candy Crush Soda Saga. Gamers can freely download this game but get charged for in-game features. It was first launched in2014 and grew by 29% from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017. The grossing gaming app generated close to $91 million in the second quarter of 2016 and nearly $118 million in the second quarter of 2017. Its daily revenue is estimated to be worth $1,677,295 according to a Sensor Tower report. The app reached number 2 on the list of top-grossing game apps in 2017.

Clash of Clans

This is another Clash title from Supercell. It is an addictive game that is played by strategizing in a war setting where clans fight each other in war. It remains in the list of the most played online games and also top-earning applications since its inception in 2012. You can download it freely but their revenue comes from in-app purchases model of app monetization. In 2016 Clash of Clans was ranked second in the top-grossing games, according to App Annie. It attained a solid 30,812 daily installs, which elevated it among the top-grossing apps list. In 2017, it got the tenth position of top-grossing games with daily revenue of $384,767.

Pokemon Go

This is an augmented reality game by Niantic.Inc and was launched in 2016. Reports say that it gained popularity in just a few days of its realization, scoring millions of downloads across both iOS and Android mobile platforms. This grossing app was downloaded 6 million times in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Today, the Pokémon Go app has more than five million daily active users globally, with 29,265 daily installs. It’s a free app generating its revenue from in-app purchases. Its daily revenue is estimated to be $189,804, ranking 19th on the list of top-grossing games of 2017.

King of Chaos

This is a web-based game where participants build an army up by getting people to click their ‘unique link’. It is a greatly designed game where you have the option of picking a great warrior and fight for as long as possible, avoiding getting vanished.

Tencent’s Honor of Kings

This particular game has been nicknamed internationally as Arena of Valor once spending nine consecutive months as the world’s top-earning mobile game on the App Store and Google Play. In May 2018, it was the highest-grossing title on mobile. It stayed on the charts for the longest period which earned it a place in the top 10 grossing apps of 2018. 


First realized in 2017 by Epic Games as an online video game, Fortnite is available as separate software packages. The video game has different game modes that share the same general gameplay and game. This is what made the first mobile title developed outside of Asia. Not only that, but it also reached the platform’s topped five for game revenue since May 2017. 

Lords Mobile

I don’t know why real-time strategy war game is popular among grossing gaming apps but this one is one of them. It was developed and published in 2016 by IGG. It is a free to play the game but offers in-app purchases. What made news about this app was that barely a few months after its inception its revenue reached a whopping $1 billion, contributing to 39% of IGG’s revenue in 2016. In this same year, the gaming app won the Google Play award for the Best Competitive Game. All this success got Lord Mobile nominated for the Best Multiplayer Game in 2017. Today the app is installed 48,340 times daily and is available in 16 major languages in 28 countries.

Final Thoughts 

Life has become interesting with apps and we are so hooked up to them that we almost can’t do without them. Besides being used for entertainment purposes, these grossing apps also generate huge revenue making them economy drivers in their respect. That is why developers invest substantial amounts in mobile development.

About the Author

Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

Your Guide to Web Designing Tools and Resources

Web Designing Tools for Everyone

As you know that web designing plays a vital role in every single website, so the users or web designers must perform web designing in an appropriate manner. They have to learn all the essential things and terms that relate to it as to do it properly. Every user should know that the main aim of these web design tools and resources is to boost creativity and enhance the workflow.

Users should learn all main concepts that relate to web design, such as how to do it, what tools or resources they require, and all other things as well. Another fine thing that the users should know is that to know everything about the best web design tools and resources which make their life easier; they have to take help from the reviews which are present online related to the same concept.

As published in Huffpost it is always better to learn everything about web designing tools and resources available on the web. After then, you simply have to choose the best and most appropriate tool or resource according to your web design projects or requirements. Now, here in the post, you are going to meet with some classic resources and tools which are used when you are dealing with any type of web designing project.

Some important Web Designing Tools

Here you are going to meet with classic and stunning web design tools that help users a lot in 2019 to enhance their workflow and to speed up their creativity. Therefore, you simply have to know about them and then learn their usage method properly to get positive results. All those main 5 tools are as follows –

Sketch –

Well, the same tool mainly pays attention to the vector UI design. The same tool is mainly created for the purpose of creating hi-fidelity prototypes and interfaces. Another good thing about the same tool is that it provides the main feature named symbols. The same feature allows the users to design the element and UI assets for the purpose of reuse. It is because doing the same task, help users to keep the interfaces consistent. Not only is this, the sketch is very easy to use and also highly trustable.

Marvel –

It is another fine web design tool that is more useful for web designers. It is specially created for making ideas and for refining the interface according to your choice of how you want to look at it and also in building the prototypes. The same tool helps you in simply creating the pages, and it also allows you to simulate your design through a classic prototype. In marvel, there is an inbuilt feature present named testing feature. It is an online tool, so the users don’t need to download anything in it while using it for a web design project.

Figma –

Now, it introduces the best and most useful tool among all others. The main aim of the Figma is to collaborate the lots of web designers in real-time. The tool is more helpful when you have several stakeholders in the process of web designing. Now, to know more about the same web design tool or to know how to make its full use, you simply have made a deal with web developers. It is the best thing that all the users should know, and taking help from the same source helps them in many ways as they become able to perform web designing in an appropriate manner.

Affinity Designer –

With the help of the same web design tool, one simply becomes able to adjust their photos and vectors without destroying them. The same functions or features are called nondestructive and adjustable. It is the best way to adjust the images according to your requirements on any page you want without damaging them. Also, with the help of Affinity Designer, you simply zoom the images, and its undo or history option allows you to get back up to 8000 steps accordingly.

UXPin –

If you are looking for the prototyping app, then you simply are provided here with the best app named UXPin. It is a dedicated and classic prototyping app that is mainly available for Windows, Mac, and even for browsers as well. With the help of the same tool i.e., UXPin, one can get closer to the code and also enables you to work with the interactive states, code components, and logic as well.

So, all these are the best 5 web design tools by which all users or you can say web designers should know and then use them accordingly to get good results according to your work. One fine thing which the users should know is that before going to make use of these web design tools, they have to take help from the above-mentioned source that is website developers in New York City. It is the number of sources that provides you with the entire information about the web designing process.

To Conclude

Moreover, there are numerous things that the users should know when going to make a deal with the process of web designing, and then you simply have to know all the essential things. It means that you have to know that users should choose the perfect color combinations; they have to make full use of the white space and many other things as well. The main thing among all is that they have to make the website user-friendly.

By doing so, they get more and more visitors or users towards their website, which help them in getting more profit than before. Therefore, you simply have to choose the best and most perfect web design tool or resource to get the proper workflow or results according to your requirements. As mentioned above, about the reviews, so you simply have to take full help from them to know which tool or resource is the best and more useful among all.

About the Author

Andrew Thompson has worked as an editor and writer for more than 10 years. He enjoys mentoring young and upcoming writers. To find out more about web design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Business, UI/UX visit Bigdropinc.com

Time Efficient Link Building Strategies

Link Building in 2020

Like many SEOs in our industry, I lose sleep over link building efforts. Where to look for link opportunities, how to approach bloggers and webmasters who could benefit from my content and then finding out how to convince them that my content is ‘link worthy’ take a huge amount of time. Like sales, the link prospecting part of my day can be time consuming and frustrating.

For established brands, this isn’t so much of an issue. They have the industry sway, or are household brand names that means outreach can be a bit easier as you have the trust and expertise (particularly important now that Google has doubled down on E.A.T) built up over time.

But for companies just starting out, or for those that are trying to boost their standing, gaining links can be a lot harder. Often these are the companies that need them the most in order to break away from the pack and start to rank higher in SERPs.

So how can smaller brands with less time or marketing budget build links that are vital for their rankings to improve?

Clickbait Content vs. Efficient Strategies

There are high profile website gurus and SEO experts proposing all kinds of link building techniques from the skyscraper method through to link reclamation and blogger outreach. These gurus have their own reasons for titling their content with clickbait titles (“5 POWERFUL Ways to Gain More Links”, “Use this #1 Method to DOUBLE Your Link Building Efficiency”.

But which of these methods can SEO’s use in a time efficient manner to build links for our clients or our own businesses?

I surveyed members of the SEO community to find out which of the most frequently touted link building strategies that:

The main strategies I was interested in are:

Link Reclamation Broken Link Building
Skyscraper Technique Guest Posting
Blogger Outreach Un-Linked Mentions

These methods appear frequently in content pieces and ‘how to build link’ guides across the internet. Any SEO’s or link builders will have come across article on popular search marketing blogs, news sites or influencer sites that offer these as strong link building avenues. Given how frequently they occur in the ‘literature’ they were good candidates to start our understanding.

Link Techniques That Will Actually Be Used In 2020

Link Building Techniques in 2020

The first question I wanted to answer was around which techniques would actually be used? I gathered responses and plotted them into the below chart.

At the top of the list are two techniques that frequently appear in link builder lists: Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting. Its not unusual to see these kinds of techniques at the top of the list. Most websites that accept guest posts will allow a link back to the authors website as a ‘thank you’ for creating a piece of content for them, so the guarantee of at least 1 link earned for a pieced of content created puts this near the top of everyone’s list. Blogger outreach is even more popular with 22% of participants using this technique for their link efforts ongoing.

Unlinked mention and link reclamation together only get a slice of the pie equal to any other single method. SEO’s seem to be favouring techniques that can potentially bring in more than 1 link, or seem to be one sided. Unlinked mentions and link reclamation don’t bring anything additional to the webmaster or blogger that is fixing the links, it’s purely a 1-way street.

By contrast, broken link building with 19% of respondents using it, is a way to bring value to both parties and so its no unusual to see SEO’s adding this to their link building tool kit. The webmaster benefits from a great new resource and a more SEO friendly page and the author gets a link.

The skyscraper method also attracted a lot of attention for its ability to earn links. The skyscraper technique seeks to create content that is so valuable it ranks at the top of a SERP and so is likely to attract links due to the perceived authority of ranking highly.

Time Inefficient Link Efforts

Time Inefficient Link Efforts

It was interesting to see the skyscraper method at the bottom of the list in terms of time efficiency of link building. Creating good quality content takes time, a lot of time and unlink outreach or guest posting placements of content, there is no guarantee that it gets even 1 backlink.

Unlinked mentions and link reclamation are also at the top of ‘biggest time wasters’. This points again to the fact that these methods are all about the content creator and bring nothing to the table for the website owner.

Time Efficient Link Efforts

Time Efficient link Efforts

The most popular and most time efficient outreach strategy defined by the participants was blogger outreach. The nest closest result came in at nearly 30 percentage points lower! The sheer number of blogs and content hubs that are accessible online with a quick search and the number of tools that are available for blogger and guest post outreach means that these activities are at the top of most lists as highly time efficient methods to build links.

Interestingly, some respondents found un-linked mentions to be somewhat time-efficient, even though it’s not popular. There are a range of SEO tools can quickly show you where these un-linked mentions lie, so pulling together a list of target websites to ask for a link from and shoot off a quick email.

What Techniques Should I Use?

Remove or reduce the amount of time you spend on one-way street techniques. Link reclamation and un-linked mentions are unpopular and time inefficient.

If you are time or budget poor, blogger outreach and guest posting are the best methods to look at when getting links and growing rankings and traffic. The availability of SEO tools to help source and build relationships that go both ways plus the added benefit of knowing that at least some links will come from these methods. Grow relationships with bloggers so that these can be leverage more than once bringing additional traffic and links to your site.

About the Author:

Kyle Douglas is the SEO Manager at Revium. With over 6 years in digital he now nurtures and grows SEO teams in digital agencies. Meet him on LinkedIn.

Leverage Partnerships On Instagram To Ensure High Social ROI

Instagram Partnership

The prime concern for any business owner is the return on their investment. Whether it is for designing a product and launching it on the market or looking for establishing a partnership and even when they offer a special discount or promotion to entice more customers to make a purchase. 

For any such event, there is a lot of thing that you will need to consider. 

  • You will need to think about different partnerships that you can build to leverage the platform as well as your marketing efforts.
  • You will also need to create a more dynamic experience for your customers as well as the attendees of any event that you want to organize.

Establishing mutually beneficial partnerships is very useful especially when you have a limited budget. You can make the best use of the resources of your partners and blend it along with yours so that you can make the best of the two worlds, literally.

Follow the expert tips

According to the experts it is seen that most of the local businesses are typically inclined to provide exciting and interesting things to their customers simply to cater to their diverse needs. This they usually want to do in exchange for social media as well as influencer exposure. 

You may also consider following their suit and partnerwith different organizations such as the local charities which is perhaps the best way to create a better and a long lasting social impression in the minds of the viewers. 

Experts say that you only have a couple of seconds to make an impression in the minds of your social followers. Take cue from sites like Blastup and others as to how best you can do that. They will suggest you may different yet effective ways to go ahead such as:

  • Inviting your local influencers to attend your event
  • Add different fun and engaging activities for your guests and more.

In fact, they will help you in all possible ways and capabilities to establish a better and stronger public relation. They will also design a more effective and result driven social media strategy that you can integrate with your Instagram marketing efforts to be more creative and effective.

In short, they will do everything that you actually qualify for and ensure that you get the highest return on your investments.

Track your success

When you build effective partnerships, you will be able to gain a lot of success but most importantly you will be able to track your success all the way through. Ideally, building partnerships is the ideal way to build a buzz around the industry for a specific brand. 

However, easy as it may seem to build a partnership when you use Instagram, but may note be easy for you to measure your success, especially when you do not know how exactly you should go about it. Here is the way:

  • Before you start your event, take time to make a plan for your approach and
  • Also look for a more event-specific hashtag to promote.

In most of the cases it is found that businesses often forget about it when they are planning to hold any event. 

  • If you want to ensure success from your partnership and events, make sure that you have your proper and relevant hashtag ready. 
  • Also make sure that it is displayed at the event. 

In addition to that, you must also ensure that you keep the hashtags more brand-centric, simple yet catchy for attracting the attention of the users much more easily.

If applicable and possible, make sure that you also provide trackable codes or promos to the attendees of the event. This is an invaluable effort that will help you in determining the return on investment and measure the yield as well.

You can measure your success in different useful ways followed such as:

Giving the attendees coupons for an outdoor event along with event-specific codes so that they can enjoy a discounted experience. This will help you to track down a several things of a code specific to the eventsuch as:

  • Who has actually comeback?
  • Who has made a purchase of your product?
  • Who has taken an action that will help you to measure your success?

In addition to that, you can also provide the influencers with their own specific promo codes that they can share with their own followers.

Of course, there are also several other more traditional ways in which you can measure success of your partnerships, events and your Instagram marketing strategies on the whole as well. However, keeping track of the social impressions that you created by successful circulation of numbers and readership on social media seems to be the most effective one.

In addition to that, you should also make it a point that you monitor all the available social metrics and analyze them using some of the best third-party analytics tools apart from Instagram Analytics. Ideally, these metrics can be easily tracked on most of the social media platforms.

Proper follow up is the key

Follow up is the key to measure success of your Instagram efforts and different partnerships that you may have as well as the events that you organize especially. Following up after any event will enable you to solidify those relationships that you have worked so hard to establish through your efforts.This will spark a sense of responsibility among your followers and partners. 

  • Experts say that the best way to establish this is by sending an email on a regular basis to your partners and influencers about the latest happenings in your end. 
  • As for the attendees, you can thank them for participating in the event or for coming to the show that you have organized. 

In short, with your follow-up, you can actually include a survey that will help you to determine which of your strategies worked best for you and which did not, including the event photos that you used. Ideally, a proper follow-up will help you to keep the lines of communications going.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith is an Influencer who plays the social media game with a huge fan following on Instagram. She supports Blastup.com