Five Phases of Software Development

Software Development starts as early as 9’O clock in the morning when you come down to developer’s office for an early meeting with their team. What follows after is often termed as the five important phases of software development.

Starting from the first step of requirement understanding to the very last, software maintenance, they all are important. Ignorance of even one of them may fetch you results which are highly unpredictable.

Requirement Understanding

Requirement understanding is one of the important phases of software development process as we just can’t begin whit out fixing the goals, timeline, scope and budgeting of the project.

This phase involves the study of your business and understanding the pain-points. Firstly client gives some brief about the exact needs and requirements which the software must fulfill to the development team. Then discussion follows regarding the scope, budgeting and other important parameters of the project. And soon after clearing all the requirement queries of the project the development team suggests a course of action to be taken based on those requirements. And if the clients likes what they listen the project is then handed over to the project manager for the next phase.



Under the planning phase of software development, teams ponder over fullfilling the software requirements, scope and deadlines. Though a big part of this is already discussed. But yes client meetings are different from in-house team meetings. Roles are defined in this phase the tasks are assigned to team members after proper briefing. Queries related to the executions are discussed in this phase. The report is then sent to the client office in case there are some modifications (if any) for the executions part. Plans are laid and roles are assigned and now the actual development process begins.

Software Development Phase

The execution of plan begins from this stage using discussed procedures keeping in mind the project requirements. The team leader makes sure the execution is going fine and every small piece of machine is working good. Additional resources are also provided to the team in case the need arise. Meanwhile, the project manager keeps the client updated with latest developments. This is important for making any development process smooth and transparent.

Grady Booch once said – “The task of the software development team is to engineer the illusion of simplicity” and going by that the development must incorporate whatever it takes to come out with the perfect.

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Deployment Phase

Under deployment stage, the product is hosted on the web and mobile platforms and is configured for the users. Sayings so the deliverable is still not ready for the end users. Some more testing and it will undergo numerous small and little changes before getting ready for the final roll out. Some companies have an in-house testing team for checking the quality and performance of the product. Whereas in some other companies the product is given to the agency employees for real-time testing. This helps the development team in case any bug or lag occurs in using that particular product.


Software Maintenance

The digital world is constantly evolving and so are the people and their needs. No software is going to live forever. Maintenance of the product is required as users will demand new functionalities as the time flies. Regular maintenance and updation of the software keeps the users engaged. Also it helps the customers keep coming back for your services.

These are the 5 important phases of software development to which every developer should keep in mind. Happy Building!

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