How to Promote Your App on Social Media?

Social media marketing undoubtedly is the most effective strategy to make an app go viral. Mobile app developers are in dire need of implementing strategies to enhance their mobile app visibility and increase the user base. With the help of social media platform and social media tools one can increase brand awareness, number of installs, and build user engagement.

Take your app social media marketing to the next level with the plan mentioned below:

promote app over social Media

Start promoting your app before the launch

Any app developer might have planned a strategy to work on at the pre-launch and after the launch. The developer needs to execute the plan accordingly and create some buzz in the market regarding the app launch to create awareness about the app. Presenting reasons why the app has been launched and how it’s going to improve the user’s engagement and increase the number of installs.

Paid advertising

Advertising has a vast impact on the audience nowadays. People don’t often pay attention to the content you publish. You need to provide them new offers to make it appear to their insight. Paid adverts go a long way when they are targeted on the right audience. The developers need to see their budget and plan to advertise within their budget.

Promote your app with a teaser trailer

A trailer has the potential to create excitement and enthusiasm among the audience to know what the app actually consists of? Where can you download it from? The teaser trailer can be posted on the social media channels where you think it can gain more visibility. This tactic is highly effective and can bring guaranteed result. The social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. have high user base and they can definitely help divert user’s attention to watch the trailer video.

Content marketing rules

They say content is the king, they say it right. Content still rules as it’s one of the most effective ways to reach out to the audience and convince them to get hands on your app. An effective message can display a great image of your app and can gain a strong attention of the people. Make sure to deliver content that creates excitement among the users and leaves a mark on them. Next thing is to share your content as much as you can on social media platforms.

Build an effective website for your app

Building a website for the users is an effective way to provide a platform where the potential users can connect and convince them to download your mobile app. A website is a place where the users can come and look for information such as contact details, FAQ’s, and telling people about your product.

Don’t forget to do SEO on your site

After creating a website for your website, the next step is to invest in doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website. The developers need to work on gaining organic traffic which remains one of the best ways to get your app discovered on the web. Gearing up your SEO game will mean thousands of people will come to know about your app after some time. Make sure to develop an effective SEO strategy that will positively impact your SEO ranking in the future.

Make your presence on social media platforms

Social media platforms presence is an effective promotional tactic one can ever implement. With social media accounts, a developer can create a large follower base, share your app information with their friends, tweet about it, share pictures, and much more. App developers can effectively make use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their apps. You can optimally promote your apps and build user’s trust and relationship.

Have a reward plan in place

A smart way of getting people to download your app is to give them a reward for doing so. Rewards and incentives can guaranty you followers and number of users. Moreover, they can share it with their friends and families. Through social media platforms, you can encourage the users to share your app on social media or leave a positive feedback. The more shares you get, the more visibility your app will receive. This will result in increased number of downloads and people are going to love your app.

Keep it simple

Today’s generation is quite impatient and wants everything to be easy. An app should be easy to download, they don’t have to spend enough time to download the app or they might lose interest and end up uninstalling the app before it’s even downloaded. Make the app readily available and shareable with the content.

Share your content to spread the word

Sharing your content with different readers and bloggers is an effective way to reach out to a large number of audience. Identify which blog has can target your potential audience and provide them content accordingly. Don’t forget to add shareable links for people to reach out to your app. Create an impressive speech that will leave a lasting impression on the users. All the hard work and efforts will pay off.

Our Verdict

In social media advertising, sky is the limit. Developers need to build a smooth strategy and execute it nicely to achieve the aim. Remember to present a quality app to the users and go to the last extent to promote your app to the targeted audience.

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Nancy Lamas is a certified and professional Content Writer engaged with a renowned Mobile app development California based company. She holds a degree in literature and writing and she’s very passionate about her work. Nancy loves to write about latest tech, apps, software, and gadgets. Apart from writing, she enjoys traveling around the world.

How to Promote Your App on Social Media?

Learn How to Promote your App on Social Media. Reward, Pre-launch Promotion, Paid Advertising and lots of option to choose from.. 2 minute Read!

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