Should you buy or rent an iPad for presentation

Paperwork has become history in the business world; today is the era of iPads and other similar technologies. Nobody wants to turn pages while speaking on a dice rather presenters like a tablet as it is lightweight, sleek and is an eye-catching device. To keep your audience attached you need to be technically smart. The most crucial for any presenter is how he/she can keep the audience attached towards him/her. Technology and specifically iPad can be a very helpful gadget in this regard. The simple rule that goes is as “ordinary is for ordinary while best is for best”. You need to be best to outclass your competitors.  It is an awesome device but same as its features and usefulness, the price is also of no match to others. Another option instead of buying could be renting it. But will it bring the same benefits to you? The answer is a big yes, not only it provides same benefits but also saves a lot of your money. Let’s have a deeper dive into the importance of renting iPad over buying it straight away.

Benefits of renting an iPad for presentation:


The first and a very crucial edge that you have when you rent an iPad is that you can save a lot of money and invest it in more productive tasks. Price of a single device lies between $799-$999 for the latest model while the iPad mini 4 is available in price range of $399-$499. On the other hand price of a single tablet rental ranges between $10 and $50.  You can save a lot of money renting then buying it straight away.


Most iPad rental companies provide a full range of suitable accessories without any additional cost. While if you buy it you have to purchase accessories such as stands and kiosks. Renting can save you from this added cost.


Becoming smart with your tools is the ultimate goal; it can benefit you in many ways. There are tons of companies that will provide you with custom built applications and software’s that can be useful for interaction while your presentation. With such apps, you can also project your devices screen on video walls and other big screens wirelessly. Developing your own application can be very costly.

Latest Model:

In case you buy your own tablet you should know that Apple updates its technology after certain time frame. What happens when the technology gets updated? In case you rent you can ask for the latest model and make a tech-savvy impression on your attendees.


While you rent from an AV rental firm, you have support from the technical services from the rental company. Buying it would make you unable to take advantage of such services.

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