5 Cool Tips for Startups to Manage Productivity

The culture of startups is rapidly gaining pace and if we go through the stats from the past 2 years, we will witness that the rate of increase in startup culture has increased by 32.9% yearly.

But dealing with the startup is not easy. Startups comes with a daunting task of managing resources when you are yourself new at work. Productivity management is really important for startups and help them to grow into stronger and bigger businesses. Therefore, here are some productivity management tips for startups that could help entrepreneurs in making and maintaining better and motivated teams.

Plan at the start of the day

To ensure that your day gets running start, take some time out as your arrive at office and the first thing you should do is planning for the day ahead. Make a checklist and list down all the important and unimportant stuff that you need to accomplish within the date. This will not only save your time but also allow you to make the most from your day. Sometimes accidental stuff might come up that requires immediate attention. It can take your entire day that is already filled to the brim and you cannot possibly look to any other task. Planning prior will allow you buffer that could accommodate all such immediate tasks within a work day.

Don’t forget to add time blocks

Ones your tasks for the day are taken down on a list, schedule those tasks on a calendar. Ones you will start managing, you will master the task. But the key is to be realistic, because no one works for the entire 8 hours day. Therefore make sure to place considerable breaks in the middle, especially for food.

One of the main reasons for jotting your tasks down would be to prevent you from bogging down with impromptu tasks coming your way. Managers can take help from a productivity management software like TaskQue to manage the tasks assignment for their team.

Multitasking won’t help all the time

As much as it is appreciated in the corporate world, multi-tasking can prove to be a productivity killer most of the times. Take on one assignment at a time, and you will be able to manage your productivity rather positively.

Use the pomodoro technique

In the pomodoro technique tasks are divided into equal time frames, 25 minutes each to be precise with a 5 minutes break between two tasks. The pomodoro technique requires you to perform tasks with full concentration thus increasing productivity. Certain applications like Egg Timer, Focusbooster or Eggcellent are based on pomodoro technique and are widely used for productivity. Another productivity management tool that promises to boost productivity is TaskQue which can be used in small business or big organization setup.

Reply mails, all at once

Lastly, emails can be a big distracting factor when it comes to boosting and maintaining productivity within a work day. To ensure that email distract you less, try replying to most of them at the end of your day. Once you set a target of replying at the end of the day, your accomplices will know and appreciate your will to maintain productivity. This will also allow you to concentrate on other tasks effectively.

I hope that these tips for startups will help you in creating a more fruitful, productive day at your workplace. Stay tune as we post stuff that is going to make your startup environment a better place to work at.

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