YouTube is one of the leading social media platforms that are extremely popular with numerous content creators. It has 2 billion active users, and over 30 million viewers entered per day—approximately 5 billion videos viewed per day by the audience. On average, 500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded per minute! 

YouTube has appeared as the perfect platform for creators to enhance their talents and share them with the world’s audience. YouTube offers creators the flexibility to make and upload videos to any part of the world.YouTube marketing allows content creators and marketers to publicize their brand through different content that is engaging for the audience.

However, if you wish to improve your YouTube videos and create the most of your YouTube channel, you should get your hands on the suitable YouTube equipment. The perfect tools can offer your professional videos a touch that directly leads to more views and likes.

This article will help to learn how to create YouTube videos with more likes using specific YouTube equipment. If you’re a beginner for a YouTube channel, you don’t know what YouTube equipment is used. Let’s start to learn about the type of cameras, sound options, etc. 

Here is the list of YouTube equipment needed for recording the videos:

1. Camera

A camera is the most important thing to take a video and record them. A perfect camera is which helps to create the best video. There are many models with more options available in the market. Therefore, you should take the perfect one which suits your requirements. In case you are starting a YouTube channel, you will always use a smartphone camera and camcorder. 

The camcorders are long-lasting and less expensive. And people who don’t wish to carry heavy equipment can prefer to go for compact mobile phones. If you want to make a live stream video from your laptop or computer, you will get a webcam. It’s more useful to reach the audience. 

Whether you want to make a high-quality video, choosing a mirrorless camera or DSLR camera is the perfect option. These equipment are completely handy and easy to use, which creates the best choice for beginners. It also works exceptionally in low-light conditions. The additional feature is that it comes with an in-built WiFi option. Hence, you can quickly transfer your videos to connected devices like a laptop or mobile phones. 

2. Camera lens

A camera is essential for making videos. For instance, a perfect camera lens is too important for the camera. It’s likely you will need a better quality lens, especially if you are starting a YouTube channel. You want to get more audience, so your video should be unique and have a different texture. Chances are your first few videos will be shot inside, in low light, so you’re going to need a fast lens with a large aperture and speak to a specialist at your local camera store. 

3. Microphone

Audio sound is more important than high-quality videos. Perfect audio is untransferable if you want to stay with the audience and curved to your videos. Educating on how to create YouTube videos also requires selecting the exact microphone.

There are a lot of collar mics, and USB microphones are available in the market. You can take it which you loved. USB microphones are immensely simple and easy to use as you can be plugged into your PC or laptop and reduce unwanted background noise.

If you are making your YouTube video with a handheld camera, you will use a lapel mic. It is wireless and hooked on your clothing discreetly, which allows you to be completely hands-free. This is neglect at background sound and takes the exact sound from a long distance. 

4. Lighting Effect:

While making a video, there is a lot of equipment that is needed. Lighting equipment is especially mandatory. However, if you make a plan to take a video, you will definitely buy some light equipment. It helps to change the mood, and even you can modify the brightness setup. 

  • Softbox

It can reproduce the soft lighting and nature effect from a window. It helps to decrease the high-level intensity because a white diffusion panel covers it. This kind of lighting gear is completely ideal, whether you need to add lighting without producing shadows for your subject.

  • Umbrella Light

If you want to use soft lighting in your videos, then you can choose umbrella lights. It is a portable solution and less expensive. It helps to make more controlled lighting get reflected from the silver compared to a softbox. They’re perfect for on-location shoots and backdrops.

  • Ring Light

Ring lights are most remarkable for vloggers. The ring shape light discharges all around; it gets rid of shadow from all directions. This type of light equipment is mostly used for makeup and beauty vloggers since they can see a bright light up the face and eliminate shadows. 

5. Tripod Stand

A tripod is a transportable three-leg stand and user friendly, and it can be used for all platforms. It maintains stability and supports the weight of other objects. It is an excellent tool for taking videos and photos without any shaking. Depending on how it will be recorded, you can select them to improve your YouTube video’s production value. 

You can get a tripod at the most attractive prices. It looks pretty and lightweight for your camera setup. Most tripods are durable and make sure of the safety of your video camera. It can hold up to 11lbs, and the stand legs are higher than 5 feet. Wherever you plan to make a shoot, it’s more useful and handy equipment.

  • Gimbal Stabilizer

It does not matter how steady you keep your phone while making a video. Sometimes, there is a chance to shake and jarring your videos. Hence, you can use the gimbals which are made upon with motors. It lifts your camera very carefully and smoothes out your videos. These gimbals especially make for video creators who need a lightweight camera with clarity videos.

The battery backup for gimbal lasts up to 5 hours. It’s a perfect investment for the price.

6. Microphone Muffler

A microphone is more vital while taking a video like that using a microphone muffler is also essential, which completely blocks the background noise. That’s why adding this equipment is a perfect idea when recording starts! If you are making a video in the eco room, the muffler sucks up breath noises. If you are recording the video outside, it helps block wind noises and gives the perfect sound. 

This microphone muffler helps beginners who mostly shoot indoors, and windjammers are the same apparatus for the microphone. If you are a professional video maker, you can consider offering a huge open-air chamber and the microphone, which reduces the noise. 

7. Spare Batteries

It is the simple concept method; If you are taking a video, the camera was suddenly shut down due to battery issues. Therefore, you always need a backup battery for the camera. Most cameras don’t have good battery life. And you can buy a less expensive battery camera. But the essential thing is to choose a battery of the same brand as your camera. 

In case you feel it’s tough to carry the battery always, and you want the hassle-free spare batteries, then you can select a camera along with a rechargeable battery pack. Don’t be too complicated! 

8. Video Editing Tool

Learn some software tools for YouTube video editing. A professional YouTube video is to get a huge view of the audience. Some editing tips help you to neglect your video’s clutter, re-correct your mistakes, and promote the production value. And, it also allows you to take your audience on a journey to present your story. 

YouTube video editor that offers you to make professionally edited videos in a few clicks. You can select the customizable video templates that have been specially designed for YouTube by expert marketers and designers. 

You can also include the transitions, fonts, images, colors, and animations to your YouTube video to create it more appealing. Add music for YouTube intro and outro maker. You can need to choose an intro or outro template & it can be customized for your YouTube video channel. And you can add filters, change layers, and your brand color. 


YouTube is the biggest platform to make & upload videos. And it is a user-friendly platform too. Creating a YouTube video does not end with editing and uploading on YouTube. You should take action to boost your video through optimized SEO for your videos. It is a simple way to find the audience easily in your videos online. Design a catchy title using the relevant keywords, but you don’t use it as a clickbait. Creating a customized thumbnail for YouTube videos helps the audience locate the video quickly while searching on the YouTube page. 

The above master’s step definitely helps to promote your YouTube videos. Be careful while using the equipment and start your YouTube shoots today!! 

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Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet

Marketing for two years.

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