Do you think hiring C level executives is the same as hiring any lower-level employee? If you think so, it is not true.  C- Level Executive recruiting is the process of hiring candidates to fill top-level positions in the organization. This is a job that takes time and effort because the employees at C-suites join at a high salary and expected to deliver performance that is best for the organization. Here you will higher several top managers including CEO’s vice presidents, directors, etc. 

Executive recruiting is also called as C-Suites recruiting or C-level executive recruitment.

Always remember you should be very much aware of the fact that a C level employee’s hiring should be done with precision, as a C level employee brings significant experiences with themselves but at the same time if they are a bad entry to the organization then it can cause major damage to your business. So, you must make your choices right.

According to a survey by worldwide recruiter says, there was a large expectation of organizations to hire in 2018, but their plans get hampered because of a shortage of skills. That is the reason this recruitment process has evolved now to a great extent. The important points that should be kept in mind while recruitment while hiring a C-level employee is:

Set your goal

Try and find out exactly what your goal is about and what the things that you are looking for are in your ideal candidate. A c level employee’s hiring is not the same as any other employee hiring. They are appointed at a much higher cost and that is the reason they are going to be a big liability or burden to the company if not hired properly. So here goal making and execution of goal, both play an important part. And while hiring you can see that thing in the candidate that how much focused is he/she. What are his/her thoughts? How do they see things? You should try and know the goals of the candidates. What are their agendas? These things will make things easier for you to understand everything with transparency. 

It is said that when people reach C level their technical expertise matters much less than their leadership quality. Why it is so……it is because there are many c level entries. And these entries are an important part and parcel of every organization. There are many C-suites, and most common of them are:

Chief executive officer (CEO)- They usually report to the board of directors.

Chief operations officer (COO)- They run internal operations.

Chief information officer (CIO)- They are in charge of information technology.

Chief technology officer (CTO)- They are an account of all the technical things or take over all the technical decisions of the firm. 

Chief financial officer (CFO)- They keep a count on financial things.

Theses business officers, in finance, operations, technology, executives know or acquire a risk management plan that works best for the organization. And they contribute to the top decision about the other employees and the company in every aspect.

Organization size

Look for your organization size. As it matters a lot because a small firm will have less requirement of work at every level and a big firm will have more responsibilities. Likewise a CEO will 100 employees will have less work and responsibilities than a CEO of an organization with 2000 employees. So you should also focus upon the expertise of the C-level employee, and see how much he is capable of. 

Can you hire a current employee?

If your company has someone who is from within and showing all the signs of a good C-level employee then you should hire him/her. This is because he is aware of your organization’s culture. This will also increase the morale of other employees and they would work harder than before to reach that level someday. Also, the person promoting will be really happy and this will help in employee retention in the long term.

Where to find?

What if your ideal C-level executive is working for some competitor? In that case, you will have to look for the executive out of the box, You will have to find them by seeking into the networks. Try to talk with your friends, colleagues, subordinates, peers, etc. Try to talk to your board members about the same. Reach out to the alumni. Don’t just sit and recruit whoever comes for an interview. But try and find the best one out there. 

C-suite hiring is so important and hence you may recruit someone for this specific thing. 

Whom should you not hire?

As told earlier too, that C-level hiring is not like any other hiring. It should be done with the most precision. And here in C-level hiring, the candidate should have the candidate all the quality that a leader has. They are very much responsible for organization growth as well as its downfall. They can also destroy the company’s good culture, growth, morale, competitiveness, and whatnot. 

Because most of the time people see things like, big role, good salary, an important face in decision making, and nothing beyond that. So, you should try and avoid that kind of executive from hiring.


According to IBM research, there are numerous reasons to appoint C-suite roles. C-level leaders use big data and analytics technologies 1.8 times more. This is one of the examples of the C-suit role. Like I said there is a different kind of C level executives and they all play a vital role in their concerned departments.

Recruitment is evolving. As said by Austin Executive Search Firm There will be more innovative ways of recruitment in the coming time. Also, the person whom you want to recruit, if you find that person then you must make a move towards him. Recruit before your competitor does that. Following all the above points you can appoint a very good C-suits executive for your firm. It may take a longer time than your usual way of approaching or recruiting a C-level executive but this way is worth trying.

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