A Digital Marketing Proposal is a written prospectus used to communicate project details with the client for consideration. It includes a wide range of information like strategies, timeframe, estimated cost etc.

If you are wondering what factors should be kept in mind while designing a proposal then do not worry. Here we have provided the Digital Marketing Proposal Making Guide for beginners as well as for competent professionals.

As marketing is all about persuasion and so does the proposals. The proposal acts as an influencer tool in marketing. You should design your proposal in such a way that a client can’t resist does not have to think twice before hiring you.

No matter if you have a large scale business or a small firm if your organisation has a good proposal format you can definitely attract many eyeballs and obviously some prospect projects.

What should be there in you Digital Marketing Proposal?

Here are some of the important guidelines and components that you must follow and include to draft a killer Digital Marketing Proposal.

1. Services

The first and foremost important part of a proposal is the services that are provided by your company because not all the Digital Marketing companies provide the same services and every company or organisation has its own specialised services. You can include various digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Marketing etc.

Services- Digital marketing proposal Making Guidelines

Including services will inform the clients about your area of specialization.

2. Focus On Solutions

One of the most important components is to provide solutions to the problems that are faced by your clients. Doing this will fetch the client’s attention. Moreover, the solutions that you are providing should be legitimate and convincing from the client’s point of view.

If you are successful in providing them with the appropriate solution then there are high chances of getting a project.

Your proposals should be tailor-made for resolving the query and problems of individual clients. You cannot just circulate one proposal to every client you need to cater to their individual needs and problems.

3. Estimated Cost 

Estimated Cost-Digital Marketing Proposal Making Guide

You should clearly state the estimated cost in your proposal to avoid any future disputes with your clients. You should always inform them about the cost involved at each step of achieving the desired results and solutions.

If your estimated cost is parallel with the clients budget then you can definitely land a good project.

4. Time Duration 

Another important component of Digital Marketing Proposal is the estimated time duration that will be required to achieve the desired goals.

The duration of the projects can be unique depending on the type and nature of work.

5. Process and Strategies

 A successful marketing campaign requires pre-defined plans and strategies at every stage. Every project is different and there are different problems faced by various clients.

You must strategise your services in such a manner that you can be used to tackle the individual problems of your clients.

Try to provide realistic strategies in your proposals. Clients prefer to work with the company who works on the systematic pattern and can provide them with desired results.

6. Overview of the proposed Schedule

You can state a proposed schedule by drafting a table and letting your clients know the outline of the project. In this section, you need to inform the client about how you will work and in what time frame they can expect to get the reports of the services that you have performed.

7. Presentation 

The structure of your presentation can either make or break a deal. Yes, presentation is important because the very first thing that a client notice is a way you have presented all the details. 

Your proposal should be free from any typing mistakes and spelling errors because that pays a very negative impression on the client.

So cross-check all the information before sending it to the client.

8. Your USP 

As a company, you need to be very transparent about the benefits of working with you. In a highly competitive market, you need to inform your clients about your unique selling point in order to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

Keeping in mind the above Digital Marketing Proposals making guidelines you can effortlessly win your clients.

Tools To Create Perfect Digital Marketing Proposals

Creating a perfect Digital marketing proposal requires a lot of time and efforts but thankfully there are some time saving and ready-made tools that can be used to create eye-catching digital marketing proposals. Let’s throw some light on these amazing tools.

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is an online document management system used by various companies. It allows you to create, share and deliver documents. Let’s look at some of the best features offered by PandaDoc.

PandaDoc- Digital Marketing Proposal making Guide
  • You can create error-free, interactive proposals in minimum time.
  • It comes with an instant calculator to calculate your profit margins on a deal.
  • It allows you to accept payments via its payment block once a document is completed.
  • PandaDoc is suitable for all type of organization including organizations that have complex structural organizations.
  • You can also access the pre-built templates provided by PandaDoc to create amazing documents.
  • It also comes with an audit trail that provides all the details from creation to the completion of a document. 

2. Proposify

Proposify is proposal making software that helps you in creating proposals and many other documents. Proposify makes it easy for you to create tempting and beautiful proposals that can’t be ignored easily.

 Proposify- Proposal Making Guide For Digital Marketing

Here are some of the features offered by Proposify.


  • Helps in creating impressively beautiful designs to attract more clients.
  • Provides detailed metrics and notifications on different parameters of proposals like a number of people who opened, read and liked your proposal.
  • You can organize all the necessary data like case studies, fees section, images into the content library so that all your documents are stored in one place.
  • It comes with an e-signature tool which helps your client to sign right away once the deal is finalised.

3. Better Proposals

Better Proposals features are similar to that of other proposals making tools. You can create aesthetically pleasing and eye catch designs with the help of this tool. Moreover, it also offers a variety of integrations with its payment system. Some of the striking features of Better Proposals are

Better proposals- Digital Marketing Proposal Making Guide
  • It offers a free trial for 14 days.
  • It is best for Software developers, digital agencies, social media marketers, web designers etc.
  • It comes with the content library to manage your documents.
  • Electronic signatures for any delays in your work.
  • Comes with pre-built beautiful templates.
  • Provides better contact management system.

Final Words 

It is not that difficult to draft perfect proposals to attract more and more client, you just need to keep certain guidelines in mind before preparing a proposal.

We hope that by following the above Digital Marketing Proposal Making Guide you will create some amazing and breath-taking proposals.

You just need to make sure that you include all the relevant details from the client’s point of view to gather more and more clients. 

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