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Once you are on a way to get followers, you don’t only have to impress new people to follow you. Instead, you are required to retain the previous followers as well. In this scenario, engagement is the key. Once you get followers, you need to engage them with you to retain them. Otherwise, they may lose interest & un-follow you without a second thought.

The most common mistake the people make on social media platforms is ignoring the messages & comments from their followers’ side. This is literally insane & the followers feel ignored this way. You don’t have to make them feel like this because you want them to be a part of your community in the future as well. Replying to the messages & comments by your followers make them feel important & valuable from your side. It also creates an amazing & positive impression of your brand or company. Once you are done with establishing your great repute, you will continue to get followers in the future too.

Here are a few important considerations for you to respond to customer’s comments. Let us have a look at them.

How to react to single word comments?

There are a few followers that can comment on an emoji or type one word for comment only. How you must react to those comments? A few people think that replying to such comments isn’t necessary at all. But, if you do, it makes your followers motivated and valued. You can like those comments simply or if you want to comment, do it as a simple Thankyou or with another emoji. 

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How to respond to positive comments and complaints?

For the businesses and brands, receiving positive feedback in message or comments is always a great thing. In this busy era, people don’t find time to appreciate much. But, if they do, you must respond with a few words of gratitude. Thoughtful responses to positive feedback from a company or brand always make customers/followers happy.

The companies also ask for permission to post their feedback on the wall (as a review of their site). It usually makes them happy too & goes in your favour as well. When people see them, it builds up the credibility of your brand in their mind. So, they can become your potential customers too.

As a brand, company or celebrity, you don’t always get positive feedback only. Unfortunately, you may also have some negative comments or reviews about you. This is the most difficult part to deal with.

If they are having some sort of complaints from with your service quality, you are supposed to reply in a humble and professional tone. On the other hand, if its sort of negative comment from another category, simply ignore that. Being a company or brand, you don’t have to reply in an offensive manner. If you do, you will be unable to maintain a good image anymore. You can simply flag all such comments as abusive content.

Answering the questions by your followers

You post photos and videos on Instagram for your followers to see. All of them are regarding your services or products etc. In response to those posts, they can possibly ask you the questions via messages or comments. In this scenario, it is your responsibility to reply to their all queries and concerns as soon as possible. This is not just because you want to sell your products and services. Being a brand, you have to behave really professional & responsible. It is about the matter of impression of your brand and its credibility.

One simple way is to list down all the general questions & write their templated answers. In this way, when you are free, you can just copy and paste those answers, which are relevant to your products & services. Generally, the people inquire the same kind of queries, for instance, the price of a certain product, its stuff, available colours, etc. This strategy can save lots of your time & you can also respond quickly to your followers as well.

There is one more amazing approach for the questions that demand lengthy answers from your end. You can reply to their comments quickly with a thank you note with a note that you will send them to reply via message. If this approach doesn’t seem suitable to you, you can ask them to directly call you on your numbers so that you could discuss in detail.

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