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Google Analytics Services

How can you marketing strategies are working or not? How can you make out of your business campaigns? How can you save more money? Don’t worry, we’re here to help..

Modern day marketeers are turning towards Data Marketing. Competitors are using Data at the forefront of the marketing efforts. But how you’ll get to know the amount of money you spend on PPC is worth or not?

You can’t rely on your IT guy anymore to provide data driven marketing insights. What a lot of companies are still getting wrong is that good analytics starts with a business objective, not a metric. We know what metrics is important in a particular campaign. Day in and Day out we work with clients to gather actionable information for them. Analytics will surely help in taking better business decisions?

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Custom Dashboard Analytics

We integrate Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, CRMs, Tableau and Data Studio to your site to make sure you don’t lose out on important business data.  We’ll get you dashboards that will have the ABC structure: Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion. In short you’ll get to know what to do and what not to.

RankFrog understands the modern-day business requirements and therefore we train few of your staff on how to fetch data and of taking care of the dashboards on a day to day basis.

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