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Reportedly, nearly 80% of the people spend 2-3 hours of their day on Social Media. Any guesses to where will the the Marketeers go for Selling Products and Brand Visibility?

The inception of Social Media has totally evolved the Marketing World. The way people used to market their products have also changed. Nowadays it takes only seconds for companies to make their product reach millions of people sitting across the globe.


Why Social Media brings to the table?

Website Traffic

Good number of followers on Facebook? Go check-out the Google Analytics and you’ll not be surprised to see the percentage of traffic coming onto your site from Social Media. Its about 20-35% of the total traffic. What now if it is not there?

Its because you might be having active accounts on all popular social media channels but you don’t have any Social Media marketing strategy in place. Simply being on present there isn’t enough if you’re goal is to get traffic out of it and thereby conversions.

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Rankfrog’s tailored SEO strategies are designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring maximum visibility and sustainable growth. Our comprehensive services include thorough keyword research, competition analysis, and high-quality copywriting, all aimed at boosting your online presence and driving organic traffic. With Rankfrog, you can expect custom strategies that deliver results.


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With every coming update to a search engine, more social results are being integrated. Whether it is being using Facebook or Google using Google +, algorithms are not taking social results into account.

Even Social networks themselves are becoming search engines. For example Facebook’s graph search or Twitter being a real-time search engine.

Your efforts though social will become more significant in your SEO strategies. You can no longer do one and not the other without compromising your results.


Communication is important for any business but positive engagement with the customer base can really lead to improved reputation. Social allows brands and user to interact freely and quickly.

The brand takes on a personal role and becomes a member of a conversation. Resulting exposure can develop a quality brand image.



Whatever that looks good sells good. No all businesses have the budget to advertise their products on TV Channels. TVs doesn’t always give you direct customers and feedback. In this case your social profile becomes the face of your business more than your website.


Mobile is the forefront of advertisement these days. Mobile visitors make more than 50% of the total traffic coming to the site.

Any guesses what sites most mobile users prefer??

Yes, you guessed it right. Its the social media ones.

As a brand if you want to be seen to your customer in Mobile than you need to be on social media pretty always up and running.

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It can be a Startup or a firmly rooted business group. Everyone needs a social media strategy. Otherwise your competitors will run away with business that could have been yours.

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At RankFrog, we’ve worked for all type of companies. Be it small, medium, or large scale companies working in various domain. We believe every business is unique, there are certain requirements of every business that needs to taken care of. Strategies and tactics may differ based on the business needs. Whether you’re struggling to add to the numbers of followers on social media or you need help in creating more engagement and more buzz about your brand, our team is there to help you out. We can make people come and stick around your Facebook page and fill that contact us form.

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