You are a growing company. You invested money on SEO. You got top rankings for your preferred keywords. But still someone else’s site is showing on the top.

How? By PPC.

Spending so much on organic rankings can still go in vain if your competitor is willing to shed money leaps and bounds on PPC (Pay Per Click).

So what should you do now ?? Scrap SEO and start investing on PPC?

No is the answer.

SEO and PPC both go hand in hand. SEO takes time but it is still very beneficial. PPC on the other hand is much more expensive but can bring you better results in a short span of time. And in the meantime you can SEO your site to the top of the ladder.

Nice. Isn’t it?

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What will you get with PPC?

The beauty and challenge of PPC lies in the range of options it can offer. Right combination of keywords and strategies can make sure that your business reached the right audience at the right place and at the right time.

You can control the regions to where your ads will show, the timings to when your targeted users are online, type of devices – mobile or desktops.

Taking into the consideration of the custom targeting luxury that is available with PPC if you calculate the amount of money you’re spending for the number of filtered business leads you get is quite enticing.

Trust us, PPC is worth investing.

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Why choose Rankfrog as your PPC Partner?

Every business is different and so are the business requirements. There is no fix formula to get maximum conversions out of PPC.  What works for a business might not work for some other. You need an experienced team with hands-on experience of PPC Management on variety of subjects and niches.

RankFrog is a Google Certified PPC Partner. We have worked with many businesses as their PPC partner by understanding their complex business requirements. Our PPC strategies are exclusively designed suiting all different kinds of products and services of clients. We lay emphasis on keyword research, landing page experience, improving CTR, Bid management, and most importantly on fetching maximum number of business leads for our clients.

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