You made an awesome website, your products are awesome too. But how will the buyer come? In all likelihood by Google. But How? By SEO.

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Search Engine Optimization

[lead] Website user is a human being who’s most likely to discover you via a search engine. How likely? Google and Bing search engines together account for 75% of all web traffic. So basically there’s no excuse for ignoring SEO and PPC. Its not about whether you do it, its about how you do it using: [/lead]

  • Faster Page Speed
  • Strategic, efficient PPC
  • Future-proof planning
  • Induced creativeness
  • Top-notch content
  • Focussed social media
  • Deep analytics


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But it’s only about the customers, neither in-fashion tactics or fleeting loopholes in algorithm sciences. That’s why we focus on building smart, log-term beneficial and  evergreen SEO.Want to optimize your digital presence for both humans and the search engines? Our SEO services are tailored for companies looking for user-bound marketing that does not come at the cost of professional expertise.


Dedication to educating our clients is fundamental to all our engagements. The more you understand, the better we will be able to work together and drive the results that matter. We plan for both immediate wins and analyze the long-term risks and rewards of our recommendations. This focus on future-proof marketing allows us to proudly say we have never had a client go under penalty while under our care, though we’ve helped many who came to us for SEO penalty recovery.

Technical SEO Services

Delivering technical solutions to marketing problems is essential. Technical SEO is more than placing out keywords throughout the site; it’s actually optimizing your site’s loading time for both users and search engines. It’s intentionally improving the source code running your site, the structure of the site and the backend processes itself. As the web has evolved, SEO has also grown with it, and our company has been there through all of its phases. It shows not only in our strategic procedures, but also in our ability to work upon the requirements that matters the most to your business.

This isn’t all about SEO because as the Digital World evolves new strategies and ideas will continue to develop. Though the fundamental principals of SEO don’t change between local and international SEO or between desktop and mobile but it requires experts like RankFrog to get your business pass through those phases of Digital World. The SEO world will continue to evolve, but the basics remain the same. We are ready for your questions, throw them at us and we’ll have honest answers for you. Connect because we can help.

Every Business Needs SEO

The biggest need for SEO and all of the digital marketing strategies, is your unique business goals and needs. From the very beginning the we measure our performance indicators based upon the requirements which are the most vital for you. Our recommendations are tailored to your goals and your organization’s capabilities to execute.

People ask for experience in SEO industry. But this almost seems like the wrong question. The right question should be: Can you optimize our site for the exact functionality keeping in mind the role it plays in my business? A website that needs generate ad views plays a totally different role than one with the objective of generate business. Our SEO strategists listen to your business objectives carefully before optimizing your website for search.

So if your site isn’t fulfilling the right objectives, we can help. Give us a try.

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