Top Challenges for SEO in 2018 & How to Overcome Them

SEO is search engine optimization which is completely focused on improving the search capability of the websites and ranking in the search results. The job of SEO is to increase the traffic of the site and bring awareness to the search engine. As this seems like a simple job to perform but it is like a spider’s web linking all the contributing factors together to drive the traffic of the website in the search results.

SEO Challenges in 2018

In the market, there are tons of SEO Services offered to the clients but the thing most matter which is what does the client needs? What they are specifically looking for? And when such type of questions are correctly guessed by the SEO analyst then they can provide the best what the client is looking for. So what are the necessary challenges does an SEO must overcome to lead a top job and bring more clients into their pockets. Let’s see what they are.

Dust-off the Desktop and move to mobile

The main challenge which the SEO encounter in the field of SEO is mobile indexing. A mobile index is presenting the site in the mobile version. Many of the organizations today prefer to move out of the desktop version of the site and going for the mobile version which is a taking away more clients. From the last decade if an analysis is taken then the usage of the smartphone are increased very drastically, now each and every one owns a smartphone so clients basically check the organization on the mobile.
So if the site launched by the organization is for only the desktop and not the mobile view purpose then it is going to cost some damage in losing the customers. Since the clients cannot view the site in the mobile view they are not going to show interest in that organization. So mobile indexing is a very important factor to consider while making the site.

Privacy and Security hurt when it hits hard

Privacy and security are the major concerns in the modern era. No one likes to invade their privacy and compromise their security then why can’t we apply the same to the SEO Plans and Pricing.

Here when the client searches for a specific organization and if the site is HTTP instead of https then it displays the message as the site is insecure to visit. It makes the clients avoid such type of sites. So indirectly it is costing the organization loss of clients. That is why it is always advisable to move the site from HTTP to https which is more secure and it leaves a good impression on the organization.

It’s all about speed and it matters

Imagine a site when clicked and takes a couple of minutes to open the site then what is a general reaction. That’s right why wait when I can search for another site. This is the common ideology the clients have in their mind when a site takes much longer time to load.
No one wants to wait for the site which takes a couple of minutes to open. Here the speed matters so the key thing to follow here is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).These AMP pages are specifically designed mobile pages really, really fast. So the mobile indexing is also playing a major role here.
The AMP pages are used to amplify the content of the site and make the site available and load much faster. So the people can avoid the buffering or loading of the webpage which might take ages in opening the site.

Elimination of interstitials

In the startup world we often positively refer to companies as disruptive. In SEO, we negatively refer to interstitials as disruptive, which they quite literally are.

There might be some instance where a user cannot surf the information of the specific organization unless and until they click on some link or some other survey, which is a pain to follow them. These are called as interstitials and clients they hate it when they see one. So the challenge that an SEO might want to consider is the elimination of interstitials.

Don’t settle

Many organizations focus only the site traffic and the market gain but they forget the most important one which is the looking for the competitors. An organization might do well in the traffic and gain market value the last year but the market is always changing and new competitors are always emerging in the market. Not knowing who the competitor can make the table change in no time.
So it is best to analyze the search results of the organization in the past and present and find out the difference in the market rating and who the competitors are. There is an old saying “Keep your friends close and enemy closer”. The closer you are to the enemy the better you can strategize the competitor’s moves and counter attack them and establish a dominance rule over them.

Expectation and reality differ

Analyzing the data and expecting the search results is one step and meeting the expectation with the actual data is another step. If an SEO success is being measured using traffic data from the Web analytics platform, this misrepresentation of organic traffic might be costly and risky. A minute part of traffic data misinterpretation can bring huge loss so it always advisable to match the expectation and actual data.


Search engine results pages (SERPs) have changed a lot as compared to what it looked like back in 2012. Google is aggressively promoting universal search, keeping its own products above natural search results which are being pushed further down. The amount of traffic which a #3 ranking must obtain as part of the organic search for a high volume keyword has dropped significantly in recent years.

Search engine optimization helps organizations to improve their presence online but it can’t fix everything. If a website carries poor products or inefficient services, or worst customer care, then SEO can’t deliver the desired results.
These are some of the challenges that SEO faces and can avoid such issues in future.

Author Bio: This piece of content was contributed by Naveen Kumar, an experienced digital marketer who works with ORM, SEO and SMO. He works with JDM Web Technologies, which stands as one of the renowned digital marketing companies today in India. His team provides professional digital marketing and Local SEO Services.

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