5 Free Paraphrasing Tools to make your content 100% unique

Papraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing is a method that involves understanding, comprehending, creating, or disclosing an already written piece of text in an original and better way. The way how you paraphrase a text, whether in written form or verbally, expresses that how well you have perceived the central context of the content.

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● What is paraphrasing?
● Why paraphrasing tools are the best option for writers?
● What are paraphrasing tools?
● Best paraphrasing tools to make your content 100% unique

What is paraphrasing?

According to the dictionary definition, paraphrase refers to rephrasing a long, complicated sentence into a simpler, more understandable form.

Paraphrasing is a skill just like writing by yourself because you just do not miss the formal language usage in paraphrasing as well. A well-paraphrased text is something with complete sentences, proper punctuation, and grammar, etc.
Why paraphrasing tools are the best option for writers?

However, writers assume it is pretty easier than composing an article from scratch as you already have the main context to be focused on. In this increasingly immense competition era, the demand for content for the web is never going anywhere soon.

The web content demand requires the writers to rephrase the texts from already published content and incorporate it into their articles so perfectly that it looks absolutely fresh and original.

This is only possible when they understand the original text completely, and presents their readers with a comprehensive reflection of the original published content.

Although it is tough, it is a talent that every writer should be learned and be properly trained in since it develops critical thinking, professionalism, and the ability to convey one’s ideas substantially.

Every content writer wants to generate the most attractive and engaging content for his readers. This requires a strong grip on; language, writing process, content writing tactics, and some background knowledge on almost every subject matter.

Not all writers have these capabilities, not even the professional ones. So, what are they doing? How they are generating bulk content in less time?

The answer is straightforward, ‘’by using a paraphrasing tool’’. The online paraphrasing tools are the best option for all newbie writers that want to generate the most demanding content but do not have any knowledge about it.

So, read further to know what are paraphrasing tools and the 5 best paraphrasing tools to make your content 100% unique and authentic.
What are paraphrasing tools?

Online paraphrasing tools make your material more distinctive, interesting, and appealing. These tools save you from plagiarism as the tendency to self-plagiarize is frequent when writers need to write articles on the same topic again.

The paraphrasing software can help you avoid plagiarism and make your content stand out. Writers can do this job with only a few mouse clicks. In order to produce a positive impression on visitors, you must write comprehensively and check your paraphrased content after you have done it.

When it comes to proofreading, it might be difficult for a writer to go back and remove all the terms he has used in the past. In the end, it will take a long time for the writer to complete his work and he ends up being tired and frustrated.
5 best paraphrasing tools to make your content 100% unique

There was a time when the paraphrasing tools were available to paraphrase text by just spinning the words. In other words, they were designed to switch away adjectives with similar adjectives, and nouns with similar nouns.

Most of the time, the final result was a confusing mess that forced you to rephrase the text many times to get a reliable and readable text.

But now thanks to the artificial intelligence available these days, there are several fantastic alternatives for rewriting your text quickly and efficiently. Paraphrasing is a skill that can be done now by using a variety of tools.

Below are some best paraphrasing tools, must give them a try before rewriting your content by yourself.


Artificial intelligence makes this paraphrasing tool the best out there, and it’s a must-have tool if you have just started content writing or blogging. it offers paraphrasing in three ways possible:

  1. Simple
    Instead of manually rewriting a sentence, the Simple mode does it for you automatically, and this mode does not allow any extra editing in your content.
  2. Advance
    Before completion of the material, it will allow you to alter the words and sentences according to your preference. This feature, for example, allows users to change the word’s synonym, and they may choose synonyms from the large database given by the tool itself.
  3. BETA (AI-Based)
    BETA is the most powerful version because it is built on AI algorithms. It changes the structure of your sentences and makes your material more professional by using the advanced method of punctuation and more meaningful synonyms.

Other features

Aside from paraphrasing, this tool allows users to upload files from their PC or smartphone, as well as Google Drive and OneDrive.

Additionally, the tool is accessible in eight other languages, including English, Spanish, French and Indonesian, and more.

You must be wondering about the expense of this paraphrasing tool. The good news is that it’s available to everyone for free of cost. You may use it to paraphrase a single document or several documents without spending a single penny.

However, the BETA version of this tool offers only to paraphrase 5,000 words in one go. Otherwise, the tool has no limitation on the word count.


WordAi is another tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to paraphrase a text. If you want to change most of your sentences, it works fantastic.

You cannot download WordAi for free, but you may test it for three days and see if it suits your needs.

Other features

Other features include an automated spinner and spintax that make this tool stand out among others. This tool rewrites content at different levels just like the Prepostseo paraphrasing tool.

● Extremely Readable
● Readable
● Unique
● Very Unique
● Extremely Unique

You may effectively create content based on your goals by selecting these above-mentioned options. For instance, you would select the extremely readable option if you’d like your material to be more understandable and readable than unique.

You may paraphrase a large number of articles with a single click with WordAi’sSpintax function. If you don’t want to modify any of the terms, you can use its “custom synonyms” option.

To make writing faster and more interesting, this tool uses your paragraph as a guide to creating a heading.


Generally, this website is known for its online text editor, but it also offers a paraphrasing tool and a plagiarism detector tool as well. All three of these services come together to form a complete solution for bloggers and content writers to recompose text.

The tool is free to use and you do not need to log in or register yourself to paraphrase the unlimited number of words. Just simply go to the website and start doing paraphrasing to get 100% original results.

Other features

It is one of the simplest paraphrasing tools in the list that just requires a paragraph to be copied and press the paraphrase tab and you are done. There are no advanced paraphrasing options in this tool but still, it is giving the most accurate results.

Despite the purpose of rewriting, this digital paraphrase generator is completely free and 100 percent reliable to use.

The editpad.org paraphrasing tool generates the final report of paraphrasing in Docx or txt file format. Not just that, the paraphrased content will be free of all types of plagiarism and duplication.


This is another outstanding paraphrase tool that works efficiently and quickly to regenerate an already existing piece of content.

Quillbot paraphrasing tool is a free service used by millions of bloggers and other professionals to paraphrase their writing.

Other features

The backend of this software is executed with up-to-date technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Here are some of the paraphrasing options offered by Quillbot:

● Standard
● Fluency
● Creative
● Creative+
● Formal
● Shorten
● Expand

Some of the best writing modes, such as Formal and Creative+, can only be accessed by paying for a premium membership.
This digital paraphrasing tool is available to visitors to rewrite up to 400 characters in one attempt. On the other hand, registered premium users can paraphrase up to 700 characters for a fee.

Subscribers to the premium service can utilize this tool with no restrictions on words for paraphrase.


Rephrase-tool is most commonly used by bloggers and learners to paraphrase articles and assignments. This software is available for free to all writers for making their content 100 percent unique and original.

The use of this online paraphrasing tool has the most significant benefit of producing a report for paraphrased material that explains the differences between the original and paraphrased versions.

Other features

This paraphrase tool has the following features:

It highlights all the words and phrases that it rephrases, you can have a better idea of which words and lines are paraphrased and what needs to be changed to make them more unique.

There is no need to download or go for any additional spell checker tool, as it is doing for you itself.

The amazing thing about the tool is it is offering you 5000 characters to paraphrase in its free version. Moreover, it will also give you the number of words and phrases it has changed in your text.

Not every digital paraphrasing tools are trustworthy for professional writing even though there are hundreds of them available.

Most of the time, they misunderstand the meaning of the original text, which poses a severe difficulty for your writing.

The above-mentioned paraphrasing tools are all tried-and-trusted paraphrasing techniques that may be used in any type of writing.

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