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Infographic Submission Sites (2022.2)

Infographic Submission Sites – A 2023 Update

Are you looking to create backlinks for your web page?

Then go nowhere else as you are at best place to get INFOGRAPHIC Submission Sites List. Here you will find a list of top free infographic submission/sharing sites to build high-quality backlinks to improve your search rankings and organic traffic to your website and blog in 2023.

Infographic sharing is the method of off-page SEO in which we share the infographic version of content to users.

Infographic submission of content in SEO is Important part of Off-Page Plans, where you, can make INFOGRAPHIC version of the content and share on these I infographic sites for users, users can read and download these INFOGRAPHIC according to need.

As We already know that the trends of advanced SEO and marketing strategies are increasing day by day. Various new approaches are coming to the digital marketing industry to boost our organic searches on the search engines. Infographics submission is one of these strategies.

This is a continuously evolving technology that is able to provide positive effects on our search engine rankings. But, we must have the proper knowledge to implement this strategy. If we are able to do it, we will surely be able to get huge traffic on our business websites. Also, infographics are great to increase brand awareness and business promotions

Create once and share every time. Infogrphics are a great way to promote your brand in 2023. For the same reason, we have compiled a list of 65 Best Infographic Submission Sites in 2023 for our users. 


S. No.

Website Name

Remarks DA
1 drive.google.com Skip 97
2 dropbox.com 95
3 issuu.com 95
4 myspace.com 95
5 mediafire.com 94
6 photos.google.com 94
7 scribd.com 94
8 4shared.com 94
9 mega.nz 92
10 imageshack.us 92
11 boredpanda.com 90
12 pearltrees.com 88
13 diigo.com 89
14 justpaste.it 89
15 500px.com/home 84
16 edocr.com/account/create 72
17 sharefile.com 67
18 files.fm 64
19 viewbug.com 63
20 pasteboard.co 60
21 socwall.com 59
22 file-upload.com 59
23 cluster.co 52
24 memeful.com/generator 47
25 freeadstime.org 35
26 shutterfly.com 38
27 bestinfographics.info 18
28 onedrive.live.com 99
29 tumblr.com 85
30 facebook.com 96
31 pinterest.com 94
32 twitter.com 94
33 nationalgeographic.com 93
34 reddit.com 91
35 keep.google.com 88
36 dailyinfographic.com 79
38 plus.google.com 97
39 fotor.com 79
40 easel.ly Paid 66
41 submitinfographics.com paid 44
42 lkrllc.com/submit-infographics paid site 13
43 infographixdirectory.com/form-view/4 paid 35
46 giganticlist.com 29
47 findermaster.com 18
49 infographic.ca 20
50 h1ad.com 16


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S. No. Website Name Remarks DA
51 wallclassifieds.com 26
52 classifiedsfactor.com 18
53 infogra.me/en/users/sign_up 44
54 graphs.net/submit 54
56 articles.h1ad.com 16
57 todayinfographic.com 13
58 23hq.com/23/signup 56
59 datagraphie.com 79
60 fotothing.com 57
61 vk.com 96
62 cooldailyinfographics.com 37
63 advertiseera.com 13
64 story.wallclassifieds.com 26
65 blog.giganticlist.com 29
66 article.classifiedsfactor.com 17
67 dailystatistic.com 17
68 smugmug.com 78
69 soup.io/signup 89
70 evernote.com 92
72 infographiclist.com 48
73 fancy.com 74
74 smore.com 81
75 depositfiles.com 93
76 uploadfiles.io 59
77 pexels.com/join 92
79 allinfographics.org 29
80 dayviews.com 51
81 tinypic.com 91
82 fotolog.com/register 87
83 info-graphic.co.uk 13
84 dropr.com 61
87 infographicsinspiration.com 20
88 picijo.com 19
89 funkyimg 1
91 sendspace.com 93


Benefits of Posting Infographics on Infographic Submission Sites

Search engines understand the content, not images. Then why create infographics? Because if your infographic goes viral then it will help you in creating a huge number of high quality backlinks. But it will take a lot of time thus this is time-consuming work.

When a user opens a blog on your website, and there is a lot of important information in the form of content then it will take his huge time to read it. There are many chances that he will ignore to read the whole article and in the end, he will not share your content.

Infographics make it easier for people to understand complex information and learn quickly. They are visually attractive and easy to share. They can help you showcase your expertise in a particular niche and build credibility.

The submission of infographics can also be used to boost our business reputation and SEO too. In infographic submission, we make attractive infographics and submit them on various platforms for the purpose of business promotions. By doing this correctly, we can easily gather lots of reputation for our businesses.

Creating and publishing infographics on various sites is a great way to promote your business and increase your online following.

When you complete creating an infographic then share it to the following top infographic submission sites. Without sharing your infographic, there is no value in it so try to share it as much as possible. You will find more free infographic submission sites list which is created by WPressBlog after these top 10 infographic submission sites.

Procedure to submit Infographics Sharing/Submission

Before getting started you need to have a look at certain metrics. Check website DA, PA, Alexa Rank, and Authority of website. And also, Make sure the website is not banned by search engines. Once you are done with this, then follow this procedure:

  • Create a good Infographic
  • Submit your Infographic on High Authority Infographic submission sites
  • Write awesome Title & description
  • Build relationship with them

Posting images on these free infographics submission sites are helping you to pick up referral traffic from High PR Image Sharing sites. Expanded traffic will also help you to build your Alexa Rank. In the greater part of the sites, promotions can be posted with no charges and registration.


We believe this article will help you make more backlinks pointing to your web pages and to grow organic traffic to your web pages in 2023.

Using this SEO practice of Infographic submission will definitely make your business reach to the relevant and targeted audience.

Not only this, but it also gives a few remarkable high quality backlinks. Keep in mind the above guide while sharing an Infographic on a regular basis which builds the audience.

Hence, you can surely make a blast, after having a good number of followers on these complete list of infographic sharing platforms!

If you want to get your web pages rank higher in the search, you can also read Best off-page SEO techniques in 2023 to be sure to list your target keywords higher in various search engines.

Hope you liked our collection of Top Infographic Submission Sites in 2023. Shoot us a message in case we missed out on any quality infographic website. We’d be happy to include it in our list.


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