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This is no more 2007; What worked for you 15 years back might not work today!

Search engines like Google have become more complex than ever and it’s no more a secret that some of the below-mentioned activities don’t give you results anymore. Of course, you may attract hefty penalties for doing obsolete SEO activities in 2024.

How to stay ahead of the game

Now that we agree that commenting on irrelevant sites with your website URL alongside doesn’t work anymore, let’s dive deep into what we can call Good SEO Practices. SEO Activities, that help your website to rank on the 1st page of Google.

Hold on with us, we are about to share our secret recipe to cook the perfect SEO meal your website needs to climb up the ladder.

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One of the things SEO Agencies lay emphasis on is building proper strategy. We design SEO strategies that are in accordance with the requirements of client websites. According to Google’s guidelines, website content is key for ranking well in search engine results. So we write content for end users and not for search engines. Adding and updating the website content at regular intervals is a basic necessity for the SEO of a website. 

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Customers and Brands are going more and more digital nowadays so the only way of marketing which will be left in future is Online Marketing. Our agency in Bhopal can help you to build an online marketing strategy for your company.

Search Engines are changing their algorithm daily so in order to ensure that your company reaches its potential buyer come tomorrow you need to start today. Let’s start together today with the Best SEO Company in Bhopal for Local Business Marketing.

SEO is a never-ending process. But with so many companies fighting for the online glory with their websites and apps you need to be seen on the top of Google SERPS and have to maintain that which unfortunately isn’t an easy task. This requires a team of Digital Marketers, Coders, SEO Experts, Graphic Designers and Creative Guys. Hit the ground running. Contact us for SEO Services in Bhopal today!

Our SEO Strategy

Why separates us from other SEO Agencies in Bhopal?

At Rankfrog we believe that every business is different and a one-size fits all kind of SEO Packages won’t help the cause. This is why we build customized project plans as per the need of your business.


We work and optimize all important aspects of our Client’s Website. On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Deep Analytics, User-Experience, Keyword Research, etc. 



Technical SEO

It is an important aspect of every SEO Plan. Here are a few activities that we prioritize for optimizing Technical SEO.

Link Building

At Rankfrog we choose a variety of metrics to handpick quality links that improve SEO rankings. Here are some of the link activities we do:

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We can do all types of link building for you at best affordable prices.

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Our Core Services

We provide all important Digital Marketing Services in Bhopal that are required to help you reach your Business Goals.

We provide Content Writing & Marketing services in Bhopal at affordable prices. We’re authors on 80+ websites.

We take care of all your Digital Marketing needs under one umbrella. Contact us for Digital Marketing services in Bhopal.

We help you with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube handling. Assured increase in Followers count.

Video Marketing is trending. Connect with us to get beautiful & engaging videos created & edited for your business.

SEO is the source of getting relevant organic traffic for your website. Hire us for best SEO Services in Bhopal. 

For quick business leads, we suggest Google Ads. Our objective is to bring maximum leads at minimum ad spent.

Rankfrog is a result-oriented company that promises guaranteed lead-generation results for your business.

Do you want to target your visitors over Facebook, Instagram and YouTube? We can help you set up retargeting.