The Cheapest Proxy Provider Can Save You a Ton of Money

Cheap Proxy Provider

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A proxy service provider will help you achieve web anonymity by letting you mask your actual IP address with the proxy IP. By using these proxy services, you will be able to preserve your online identity or IP and any trace you leave behind while surfing the web. You will be able to use a proxy IP from any of your preferred locations and access any country-locked content, and much more.

Generally, proxy services can be pretty costly. However, there are a lot of cheap proxy services around that can save you a lot of money and provide you with a good service at the same time. This article will get to know how the cheapest proxy service provider can save you a ton of money. 

Types of Proxy Service Available 

There are more than ten different types of proxy services available. They are focused on different types of customers for different work purposes. However, to know precisely how the cheapest proxy provider can save you a ton of money, we will compare it with free and premium proxy services and their features and pricing. 

Free Proxy

Free proxy requires you to pay absolutely nothing, so if you opt for free proxy services, there will be no money to spend, and you will save the most. However, there are a lot of drawbacks and limitations of free proxy services, which makes them not suitable for everyday use. 

Free proxy services come with limited servers and limited IP addresses, which are usually distributed to many people. The generated traffic results in low speed, laggy connection, and high latency and loading time. Moreover, free proxy services wouldn’t be a great choice if you are looking for something to boost your web browsing anonymity and protect your online identity.

Free proxies aren’t generally equipped with high-grade encryption methods like AES 256. Moreover, their server connection can get timed out at any minute, which would result in leaking your online identity.

Moreover, as free proxy services use limited Ips, they usually get flagged from different sites because many users are accessing them simultaneously. However, if you want to unlock country-restricted sites, you might get away with using free proxy services.

Cheap Proxy

Cheap proxies provide many premium features at a very aggressive price. Cheap proxies are generally toned down premium proxy services which are fit for regular users who want to maintain anonymity in terms of web browsing and unlock country-restricted content. 

Cheap proxy services use semi-dedicated proxies instead of a private or dedicated proxy. Instead of assigning one IP to a single user, a group of users limited to a certain number uses a single IP address. It works very similarly to a premium proxy providing private proxy servers.

A cheap proxy comes with an app that lets the users pick their preferred proxy server location, and the bandwidth limitation isn’t likely to bottleneck the client’s connection. Cheap proxy services are likely to come with industry-grade encryption, which ensures the protection of users’ online identities. 

Cheap proxies may cost you up to 3 dollars a month which are pretty competitive and a ton cheaper than expensive premium proxies. 

Premium Proxy

Premium proxies usually use dedicated servers where clients get assigned to a single IP and get entitled to different premium features. The highlight feature of premium proxy services is that they allow the users a private IP.

The proxy server is an intermediary between the target server and the client PC. The client log and identity are protected using the highest encryption methods, such as AES 256. 

The premium proxy would cost you around 5-10 USD a month which can be pretty costly if you use it for personal use compared to cheap proxy services.


Cheap proxy services do provide premium services at a compelling price point which would help you save a ton of money compared to premium ones. They cut a few corners to achieve the low pricing, which is justified for certain users.

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