WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the World and the reason behind their excellence is the plugins that it works on. There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress but here are 23 must have WordPress plugins which will enhance your user experience to the great level.

It becomes laborious to work on WordPress without the plugins.

There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress for each and every problem that you face. From image compression to page builder, you just name it and it will be there.

But how you are going to figure out which plugins should be unquestionably installed for your WordPress Site if you are new on WordPress.

Well here are some of the best plugins that help your site to run smoothly and effectively.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the original and inbuilt SEO plugin that helps in optimization of the web pages so that you rank higher in Search Engine Result Page. It surely deserves the #1 spot in our list of must have WordPress Plugins.

Yoast SEO - Best WordPress Plugin


  • Yoast SEO provides the content and SEO analysis so that you can create SEO friendly text.
  • You can set canonical from here to avoid duplication of the web pages.
  • Title and meta description can be added for the perfect optimization your web page.
  • The snippet feature of the Yoast SEO shows your site will look on SERP.
  • It shows whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

2. Site Origin

Site Origin Page Builder is another Word press plugin used for creating SEO friendly pages. You can create beautiful pages with SiteOrigin that grabs user attention.

Site Origin - Page Builder Plugin


  • It is compatible with different WordPress themes.
  • Site Origin works on drag and drop concept and does not require any coding.
  • It provides the feature of live editing with which you can quickly change your content in real-time.
  • You can experiment with different elements and layouts without the fear of breaking your content.
  • You can build pages in 17 different languages.

3. WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket plugin is used to increase the speed of a website. It is recognised as one of the most powerful plugins by WordPress experts and developers.

WP Rocket - Best WordPress Plugin


  • It works on the model of the minimum configuration and immediate results as they provide prompt results.
  • It implements page caching which is essential for improving your SEO and conversions.
  • It also enables Static file Compression and WP Rocket reduces the weight of HTML and Java Scripts file
  • You can also compress images because images take a lot of time to load which is one of the primary reasons that decrease your page speed.
  • It has a developer-friendly interface that provides a hassle-free experience.

4. Smush

Smush is an award-winning image optimizer tool as images are a very important element of any website but these images can even be responsible for the slow loading of your website. 


  • Smush is an image optimization tool that helps resize, compress the images of your website so that it loads at a skyrocketing speed.
  • It compresses the images without losing their quality.
  • It is enabled with a feature of the incorrect size image detection as it detects the imperfect images and tells the suggestion based on the same.

5. Akismet

Akismet is another important WordPress plugin that protects your website from spam comments. It is a default WordPress plugin that comes with the new WordPress Core installation.

Akismet Anti Spam - WordPress Plugin


  •  It provides a detailed history of each comment so that you can filter out the spam comments.
  • You can remove the suspicious URL links from your comment section.
  • This plugin is free for blogs and personal sites but is paid for commercial sites.

6. WP Forms

WP Forms is one of the best plugins for Contact Form. It is a powerful and user-friendly plugin.


  • It works on drag and drops model
  • It comes with pre-built templates.
  • It is 100% responsive and is compatible with every device.
  • You can even collect online payments with the help of WP Forms.
  • It comes with Captcha verification for spam protection.

7. WooCommerce

WooCommerce plugin is used worldwide for Ecommerce websites. It offers advanced eCommerce solutions.

Woocommerce - Best WordPress Plugin


  • You can sell anything with WooCommerce from physical products to digital products like ebooks and even appointments.
  • You can customize and modify everything on Woocommerce as it allows to add boundless products and users.
  • It is an open-source plugin so you can take an unlimited number of orders using WooCommerce.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and anyone can use it effortlessly.

8. Sucuri

Sucuri is a security WordPress plugin that helps secure your website from any malware activities.

Sucuri - Best Security Wordspress Plugin


  • Sucuri Security plugin requires WordPress version of 3.6 or higher.
  • You can easily customize email alerts, schedule scans, or blacklist files.
  • It protects your site by identifying any malware codes.

9. W3 Total Cache 

W3 Total cache plugin improves the user experience of a website by increasing its speed and overall performance.

W3 Total Cache - Best WordPress Plugin


  • It improves the ranking of a website on SERP exclusively for mobile-friendly websites.
  • It reduces page speed loading time.
  • It is compatible with all the hostings and servers.
  • It supports Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • W3 Total Cache also supports websites with SSL certificate by improving their user experience.
  • It caches pages and posts that are stored in memory disk.

10. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular plugins for backup and restoration of all your files and database.

UpdraftPlus - WordPress PLugin


  • It backs up your file and data into the cloud and you can easily restore it later with just 1 click.
  • All the data into the cloud can be transferred to DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3.

11. Social Snap

Social Snap is another WordPress Plugin that helps thrive your Social media as Social signals have a lot of potential to drive traffic to a website.

Social Snap - WordPress Plugin


  • You can add Social Media buttons to different locations of your website.
  • You can even customize the look of the Social Media buttons.
  • It is compatible with all the Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  • It works with almost all the different themes of WordPress.
  • You can even hide the social sharing buttons for a particular web page.

12. Redirection

Redirection is the free and most favoured plugin used for redirecting websites to a different address. It reduces errors and improves your site rankings.

Redirection - Best WordPress Plugin


  • It manages redirection quickly and easily even if you don’t have the adequate knowledge of Apache and Nginx.
  • It also monitors the permalinks of post and pages that are changed automatically.
  • It also tracks 404 errors.
  • It also displays geographic information about the IP address.

13. NextGen Gallery

If you want to create a gallery of pictures on your website then you can install the NextGen Gallery plugin as it is a widely used plugin for that purpose.

Nextgen Gallery - WordPress Plugin


  • It offers a complete WordPress gallery management system.
  • It is compatible with all the WordPress themes.
  • You can also upgrade to their pro version if you want to enjoy the unlimited features of NextGen Gallery.

14. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is the best WordPress plugin for lead generation as you can create beautiful landing pages and forms that result in a conversion. It has the ability to convert visitors into your customers and subscribers.

Optinmonster - Best WordPress PopUp Plugin


  • It works on drag and drops concept as you are just required to drag and drop the elements to create aesthetic optin forms that lead in conversion.
  • You can optimize your campaign for smartphone devices.
  • There is no need for coding as you can create your own customized designs from scratch.
  • You can effortlessly customize campaigns based on location, audience, device etc.

15. Learndash

If you sell online courses or any tutorial stuff then this is the best plugin for that matter. You can easily create online courses, quizzes. Most of the universities use this plugin to create and track their online courses.

Learndash - WordPress Plugin


  • You can simply prepare the online course and set the pricing model with Learndash.
  • It automatically delivers content according to a predefined schedule.
  • After completion of the online course, you can even deliver certificates with the help of this plugin.
  • You can even interact with your learners by examining their actions during the learning period.

16. Tawk 

Tawk is a free live chat plugin for WordPress that helps you monitor and have a live chat with your visitors. It is free of any ads and is free of any spammy activities.

Tawk - Plugin For WordPress


  • You can stay connected with your customers wherever you are on any device whether you are using a mobile or desktop.
  • It offers 24*7 live chat and support services.
  • You can customize the widget design according to your preferences and choice.
  • You can even schedule widgets according to your time and comfort.

17. TablePress

Table Press allows you to create and manage captivating tables. You can easily add the tables to your posts, pages or text widgets. It has a simple user interface as it just generates a simple code which you have to paste it in the post or page wherever you want to insert table.

TablePress - Best WordPress Plugin


  • You can insert any type of data and formulas that you want to display in tabular form.
  • You can even add features like sorting, pagination, filtering etc through Javascript library.
  • Tables can be easily imported from Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON files.

18. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post - Plugin For WordPress

This one is another Important WordPress Plugins which needs your attention. Revive old post is a plugin used for scheduling posts from your website on Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

It is helpful in increasing engagement and driving traffic to your website from social networks.


  • You can share an old and new post
  • Choose the number of posts you want to share
  • You can even use hashtags to target a particular topic
  • It can be conveniently integrated with Google Analytics.

19. WPML 

WordPress does not allow you to create multilingual post or pages so it becomes difficult to reach the Global audience due to language barriers. Well WPML solves this problem effortlessly as you can create multilingual pages and posts without learning any coding.

WPML - Best WordPress Plugin


  • It is compatible with all the themes, plugins and page builders.
  • You can even translate the theme text into the language of your choice.
  • With WPML you Search Engine find out your site’s structure and drives the right traffic to your website.

20. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is the most powerful WordPress Plugin for creating beautiful and appealing sliders. It is compatible with all the WordPress themes.

Smart Slider 3 - WordPress Plugin


  • One of the most prominent features is that it helps in live editing which provides the complete edge over the plugin.
  • It has unique layouts and layers that make your site more attractive and user-friendly.
  • It is adaptable with different devices 
  • You don’t have to possess any coding knowledge as you can simply drag and drop the elements to create sliders.

21. Pretty Links

Pretty links enable you to create short links using your own domain name. Apart from that it also tracks the number of hits on your URL and provides the in-depth details of where the hit came from.

Pretty Links - Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin


  • It creates an SEO friendly URL
  • Tracks the number of clicks per link
  • You can also create a custom slug URL
  • It also creates no follow/no index links
  • It works on a cookie-based system for tracking visitor activities across clicks.

22. Mail Chimp for WordPress 

Mail chimp helps you grow your email list and assist in writing better and newsletter through different tools. If you are looking to monetize your sites using Email Marketing then this is one of the Important WordPress Plugins for you.

MailChimp - Must Have WordPress Plugins


  • You can easily connect this plugin through your mail chimp account in no time.
  • The signup forms are user-friendly and mobile-optimized.
  •  It is compatible with most of the other plugins of WordPress.
  • The database is updated on a daily basis.
  • It has a developer-friendly interface.

23. Really Simple SSL

Last but not the least on our list of must have WordPress Plugins is this SSL Security Plugin. Really Simple SSL is a security plugin for your WordPress site. It simply detects the settings and configures your website so that it runs on https. With this, the entire site will move to SSL.

Really Simple SSL - Plugin For WordPress


  • It handles all your issues regarding SSL on WordPress.
  • It provides additional security headers for additional and enhanced security. 
  • All the incoming request for a particular page is automatically redirected to https.
  • The site URL and home page URL are changed to https.
  • They also provide premium support in case if you need some extra help.


Hope this collection of Must Have WordPress Plugins helps you in kickstarting your next WordPress website.

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